Fashion Over Reason: May 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Slip Slidin' Away

Crisscross slide sandals from H&M, J Brand ankle cutoff jeans, dark indigo denim

Slides -- the shoe of the summer, thankyouverymuch Phoebe Philo and now everyone else who has followed suit for summer 2014. While most of my fashion cohorts have opted for the height of the trend's incarnation: the classic and otherwise frowned upon Birkenstock, something about this one just had my instincts veering toward a less literal option.

Despite these oversized crisscross bands of plastic (sneaky Swedes) erected on a cork sole being a crossbreed of Céline, Isabel and the most polarizing German shoe in history, I am confident that my lack of commitment for this trend will leave me feeling extremely content by summer's end. You know, when everyone will be discarding it due to overexposure, kind of like fashion's very own Let It Go.

So here I am, being as simple as it gets in black and dark indigo. Adding a dash of dynamism is the result of my reaching for the scissors prior to leaving the house for a little trim 'round the ankles. Makes things less mundane, wouldn't you say?

Black sleeveless silk top from Ann Taylo, J Brand jeans, ankle cutoffs, vintage gold choker, H&M crisscross slidesSuburban Riot tote bag, J Brand ankle jeans, dark indigo denim, slide sandals, birkenstock, H&M, gold jewelry, silk sleeveless top, Ann Taylor, blonde, blond bob, messy hairGold accessories, jewelry, vintage choker, black and blue, dark denim, Suburban Riot, J Brand, Ann Taylor, H&M
Top - Ann Taylor (similar)
Jeans - J Brand (similar)
Sandals - H&M (similar)
Tote bag - Suburban Riot (similar)
Choker - Vintage (was my mom's) (similar)
Bracelet - H&M (similar)

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ask FOR #8: My Space Part II (The Lounging Edition)

Ask FOR, #AskFOR, The Lounging Edition, Grey couch, Room + Board, HomeMint Ikat print pillows

Last time on the My Space segment, I shared a few of my favorite things in my home, and I am so happy to report that I was flooded with positive feedback about the post, which was truly moving, so I thank you for that! Now for this second installment, I am taking it to the living room, where I do most of my lounging and relaxing. To me, it should be inviting, cozy and uncluttered, but most of all, it should have a lived-in feel, which can best be likened to something of a comforting vibe.

I adore a big, robustly-padded couch. None of those love seat shenanigans -- the bigger, the better! We've had this grey suede sofa from Room & Board for a few years now, and while the color was good for when we were training Wally, I am totally ready to switch it up with something lighter. If not just because I want to update the space a bit, even though it's a great neutral color in a classic shape.

The chunky knit throw is from Pottery Barn and was a housewarming gift from my mother-in-law when we bought the place. It's soooo cozy and Wally and I often have to fight for it -- and we usually both end up getting a piece of it. I am huge on throws. We have a few for the couch (although this one has been a mainstay since we got it) and I have one on both beds. I love having extra blankets around because I'm literally always cold. Throws are also the most cost-efficient way to dress up a space and to make your sofa both pretty and inviting.

The ikat print pillows are from HomeMint (RIP). I mentioned last time that HomeMint was one of my favorite pillow-acquiring destinations because they carried such a well-priced wide variety, but alas, they are no longer with us. I'm glad I got to snatch up a bunch before they decided to permanently "remodel".

The gold coffee table is from ABC Home. Looking for a coffee table was such a challenge, it was a search that spanned a few months. Our problem was that we didn't really know what we were looking for and didn't exactly have anything specific in mind (remember what I said previously about gathering inspo before setting out? To avoid this very issue). This gold-lacquered piece was a real curveball, but there was something about it that we were drawn to. After staring at it in the store for a while, we were able to start envisioning it within our things. We were kind of vapid about it once it found itself in our living room and failed to apply any sort of protective spray, so now the top of it is pretty scratched and damaged... But at the same time, that's the sort of unintentional detailing that makes a piece look lived-in, attributing it more character. That said, if I had to do it again, I would take the opposite route and be more diligent about protection (that's what she said - ha!).

I always like to keep a selection of coffee table books on, well, my coffee table. Some are about fashion, some are about food and some are about photography. Just beautiful publications of fun, interesting things people can pick up and be entertained by. The shag rug is from Ikea -- yet another bang for our buck.

If you want more home interior tips, click here for Part 1 of this series!

Vertical striped button down blouse shirt, H&M, gold love chain necklace, ASOS double pearl earrings, black lace braletteWhite J Brand Zoe jeans, Denim Jenny Bird snake cuff, Coordinates Collection New York gold bangle,  Catbird arrow ringChic Peek gold love chain necklace, H&M vertical striped shirt, black lace braletteWhite denim, J Brand Zoe jeans, Block ballet slippers, H&M striped button down, Just Kids Patti Smith, Fishs Eddy mug, Wallyface, Ikat print pillowsChic Peek gold love chain, ASOS double pearl earringsRoom & Boars grey slate suede couch, HomeMint ikat print pillows, Pottery Barn chunky knit throw, mini Australian Shepherd, WallyfaceLounging, reading, couch surfing, gold bangles, vertical stripes, white denim, at homeFashion Over Reason, lounging, Room & Board grey slate suede couch, J brand white denim, H&M striped shirt, Bloch ballet slippers, Coordinates Collection New York gold bangle
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Shirt - H&M (similar)
Bralette - Aerie (similar)
Jeans - J Brand (similar)
Love chain - Chic Peek (similar)
Arrow ring - Catbird (similar)
Earrings - ASOS (similar)
Snake cuff - Jenny Bird (similar)
Gold bangle - Coordinates (similar)
Ballet slippers - Bloch
Nails - Essie in Imported Bubbly

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just Peachy

Peach silk t-shirt, sunny spring day, sunshine, brooklyn, Maxi skirt, Vince toe ring sandals grey and silver

I tend to be quite seasonless with my clothes, with the exception of sundresses, shorts, chunky knits and other unthinkables in the wrong season. So, really, the only thing I meant by seasonless is pastels all year round. I don't care that my legs match the snow: my white denim will be worn in mid-February. I don't mind that my peers revel in jewel-toned dresses the second December hits: I have no qualms about making an arrival in head-to-toe powder pink at a holiday event.

That aside, there is definitely something to be said about wearing your dusty hues come springtime. The arrival of the warm weather and the powerful sun rays do tend to kick the whole charade up a notch or two. While I may subconsciously wear monochromatic baby blue outfits in the dead of winter to cheer myself up and forget that there are only 3 months left to go before we start seeing buds, donning my favorite soft peach silk tee during the mercury's first 80 degree peak (that's 27C) undoubtedly comes with an extra large cup o' joy.

Peach silk T by Alexander wang top, Club Monaco silk satin navy maxi skirt, Vince toe ring silver & grey sandals, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, NARS pure matter lisptick in Carthage, Suburban Riot tote bag, Brooklyn, sunny day, sunshine
Silk top - T by Alexander Wang (similar)
Skirt - Club Monaco (similar)
Sandals - Vince
Tote - Suburban Riot
Sunnies - Ray-Ban
Earrings - Lauren Wolf
Lips - NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Carthage

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Monday, May 19, 2014

A Weekend in May

A weekend in May, Fashion Over Reason springtime pink bouquet

Happy Monday everyone!

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, they really mean so much to me, you guys are amazing. In spite of May being the month of my birthday, which I am not too keen on, it happens to be one of my favorites for the same reason I revel in the month of September: that transitional weather that provokes excitement and creates butterflies in the pit of the stomach. The thought of the present moment being a transformative one that will lead to things that you imagine being greater than anything you've hoped, while being fully aware that you are also drowning in joy from everything happening in the immediate.

That is how this weekend could be described. It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday, the eve of my birthday, and I was in the best company possible -- my wonderful family and friends. Every single element contributed to a seriously perfect day. It was glorious.

NYC Houston Street refind denim cutoffs trench coatH&M black slide sandals, Birkenstocks, distressed denim shorts, vintage Levi's, pink flowers springtime bouquetNeutrals, basics, fresh spring outfit, sunshine, May Flowers, Zara trench coat, distressed denim shorts, black flat slides, sandalsPink flowers, pretty floral bouquet, vintage distressed denim, Refind Denim, H&M sildes, sandals, Zara trench, gelatoRay-Ban Wayfarers, white silk top from Joe Fresh, vintage distressed levi's cutoffs, black slides birkenstocks, Lauren Wolf pearl earrings
Top - Joe Fresh (similar)
Shorts - Refind Denim (similar)
Sandals - H&M (similar)
Trench - Zara (similar)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Earrings - Lauren Wolf

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's My Birthday!

That is all. I'm not really happy about it but I'm not unhappy enough to not tell you guys.

Enjoy your Sunday, I'm off to have my cake (and it too)!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Perfect One-Piece

The perfect one-piece, Chloé backless swimsuit in black from SSENSE

Now that summer is (almost) here, it might be time to invest in new poolside attire. Like most women, I've been on the bikini wagon ever since I was old enough to wear one. And truth be told, I am just not a swimwear person. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am from the Great White White north, the land where beaches are more sparse than foliage in the desert. But I also just don't like the water.

Some people live for the ocean, that first cannon ball of the season in the pool, or the ultimate dream: diving in the Great Barrier Reef. All of those things are pretty much what my nightmares consist of. I hate getting wet, the sheer process of entering cold water is agonizing, and any unclear large water mass (lakes, rivers, the non-tropical part of the ocean) gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Some girls I know own literally 20 bathing suits. I, on the other hand, would only have one or two, which I would keep for 10 years at a time, while only really being used about once a year (and that's not in water). On top of it all, I can't say that I really feel all that comfortable in a swimsuit. Maybe it's an extension of me not feeling comfortable in swimwear-wearing milieu, but we all have our hangups, don't we?

To that I am adding that after giving swimwear more thought than I have in, well, probably my entire life, I hereby declare that my next maillot purchase will be a one-piece. And this is the P E R F E C T one. Never have I lusted after a piece of lycra clothing, but there is a first for everything, right? Right.

Get it in black here and in navy here.

Chloé Border Bath Suit in Navy and Nude, Chloé backless one-piece swimsuit, summer 2014Perfect one-piece swimsuit, Chloé swimwear, backless bathing suit, navy and nude

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ask FOR #7: My Space, Part I (My Favorite Things)

Ask FOR My Space, at home, my favorite things

I got an email back in the winter from a reader (hello Melissa!) who was inquiring about lifestyle and home decor. She was curious to know if my love of aesthetics went beyond fashion or it it flowed in other areas of my life, like interior design, asking for tips on the matter. Well, the answer is as simple as can be: my keen style eye (wink!) reverberates in my house wares as well, and to that I will add that my penchant for style permeates all areas of my existence, from clothes, to home decor, to beauty, to travel, to food. I am never not thinking about how something is presented, if it's a reflection of me, if it's the best it could possibly be, or look.

And with that in mind, I decided this: why not just show you? In the first of a 5 part series, I invite you in my home, showing you a few of my favorite things, as well as how I stay comfy-chic when I'm indoors. First up, I am sharing some of my favorite items, fashion or other, which include shoes (duh!) and a few home accents, like nostalgic framed prints, mason jars as vases, fresh flowers, vintage gold plated votives and fun things like a mirrored tray and a Turkish rug.

When it comes to making my home feel like one, I try to stick to a certain approach, which I've learned from experience. The following guidelines offer a fail proof way to make your abode beyond humble:

- To develop your taste and to get a more specific idea of what you're looking for, or which style you want to try to emulate, source as much inspiration as you can from magazines and Pinterest. Having concrete visuals offers tremendous help and it's the most efficient way to convert an abstract idea into something tangible. The more references you have, the better.

- Try to think outside the box when it comes to certain items. If you like a vintage piece but don't necessarily have any use for its original function, there is definitely a way to find an alternate purpose for it. For example, we had an old wooden pool ball holder that I absolutely loved, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of having pool balls hanging on my wall, so I turned it into a DIY photo tree (see it here).

- If you have access to someone handy, whether it's yourself, your boyfriend, husband, wife, sister, brother, father, neighbor, whoever -- make good use of them. Have them strip an old chair or dresser, build some DIY shelving out of reclaimed wood, put together a custom closet to maximize space. Make them a big meal with lots of wine for their trouble and everyone wins.

- If you fall in love with a piece of furniture that you simply must have but is geared toward the 1%, don't give up. The affordable version exists somewhere, guaranteed. Or see previous option of using someone handy.

- Lastly, i try to stick with the three following mottos: 1) the more pillows on the couch, the better: it's such an easy way to add more spirit to a room and nothing looks more inviting than a couch full of extra padding. 2) Rugs are everything -- I like an area rug in, well, every single area. It dresses the room and makes everything feel more homey. 3) Personalization is the icing on the cake: I'm a big believer that home is where the heart is and scattering photos of loved ones on your walls or coffee table is the perfect individual touch. Go one step further an frame a print or quote that holds a special meaning to you. It's important that your space be a reflection of you in order for it to be a comfortable living nook!

Some of my favorite places to shop for home goods are One Kings Lane, ABC Home, Resoration HardwareWest Elm, Anthropologie, and, of course, flea markets. My home is filled with treasures that have been unearthed in the most obscure flea markets and from antique dealers. It pretty much guarantees your interior style some unique flare. I also like to pick up things at 
John DerianMichele Varian and Love Adorned  in NYC, and online at Etsy, Amazon and Society6.

Nina Ricci satin slides, Navy satin mules, mirrored jewelry tray, zara gold metal choker, silver votive vases, vintage ballerina sequence print, asos double pearls
I got these Nina Ricci mules (similar) last summer following months of lusting for them. Their navy hue with that beautiful satin won me over instantly and I'm still so in love with them. The Zara metal choker (similar) and the ASOS double pearl earrings (similar) are acquisitions from the fall. I always say that the perfect way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank is by switching things up with your accessories. These high street options did the trick and I've been wearing both to death since they came home with me.

This vintage ballerina sequence print (similar) is one of those things I knew needed to be in my home when I saw it: I am obsessed with ballet and this old photograph has something so goofy and nostalgic about it. The mercury candle holders (similar) and the mirrored tray are the perfect example of simple things making a space more beautiful. They're all from One Kings Lane.

Grace Coddington autobiography, Bauble bar Opal Galactic earrings,YSL rouge volupté in forbidden nurgundy, ASOS double pearl earrings, Essie nail polish in Sew Psyched, Zoya in Normani, OPI in The World is Not Enough
I don't do my nails very often because a) I'm lazy b) I happen to like the natural look and c) my nails have a tendency to split in half when there is nail polish on them for too long (probably a form of quiet rebellion, certainly). But, like any young lass, I enjoy a good mani once in a while. I tend to like nude colors (surprised? ha!), however, these three are currently the more pigmented options I'm crushing on: Essie in Sew Psyched, Zoya in Normani and OPI in The World is Not Enough (similar). The earrings are from BaubleBar and reminded me of Edie Sedgwick so I had to have them. One of my favorite lip colors this winter was the YSL Rouge Volupté in Forbidden Burgundy, but now that it's summer, I'm craving brighter hues. If you're reading this blog, I am assuming that you like fashion? Then I suggest you pick up Grace Coddington's memoir, it's kind of a must-read. 

White metal wire bed frame, striped long sleeve shirt, white distressed denim
I like to come hang out and read in our guest bedroom because of its relaxing, white everything, shabby chic vibe. It has good light and you feel like you're a bit of in a French country home. Here's a funny thing about this bed: I have had to buy it three times over! The first time was for my apartment when I still lived in Montreal. On the second occasion, it was for my apartment when I moved to NYC, since I didn't move my furniture with me from Montreal, I had to start from scratch. A few months later, I moved in with my boyfriend at the time (who is now my husband), which means I had to sell my stuff. Which brings me to the third time I purchased this exact bed: when we bought our apartment and had to furnish an extra bedroom, I thought it would be the perfect cot for our guest abode. It's from Ikea and the best $300 I've ever spent (100 per time). The sheets are also from Ikea.

When I'm home, I cannot be bare feet -- I must have slippers on at all times because my feet always get so cold, even in the summer. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have a little collection of house shoes. These dog slippers (similar), no matter how silly they are, hold a special place in my heart. I bought them at a cheap store in Brooklyn when I still lived in Montreal for my best friend to keep at his house, that way I wouldn't have to travel with slippers every time I would come visit. When I eventually moved to New York, we ended up living together and I still have the slippers. It's a little token I like to hold on to.

The necklace I'm wearing is from Forever 21 (similar) and it's also dear to my heart because of how it came to be mine. My amazing friend Stephanie was the first person to come visit me in Brooklyn in the summer of 2011 and she had just scored this necklace at her local F21. I fell in love with its surfer-chick-meets-navajo vibe and was completely floored to learn that it was from Forecver 21, as it looked way more expensive than that. We went on a man hunt, but alas, none of the NYC stores carried this necklace. A couple of weeks after we left each other, I got a care package in the mail: she had tracked it down back home and secured one for me. She's the best. I will love that necklace forever (21) - ha!

My jeans (similar) and top (similar) are both from Zara. My rings are Chic Peek (here and here) and my bangle is by Coordinates (similar).

Lena Dunham on Vogue US, Daria Werbowy on Harper's Bazaar US, Kate Moss on Love Magazine, YSL volume effet faux cils, NARS the Mulitple, gold pellet necklace, marble counter
Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I have an obsession with magazines. It's been on a bit of a decline these past years, but you'll still definitely find at least 10 current issues of various fashion mags in my home at all times. She got a lot of flack for it (or Vogue did, I should say) for this cover, but I loved the Lena Dunham issue. I thought she looked beautiful and that the photo conveyed her sense of comedy perfectly. It was a far stretch from her Hannah Horvath and it felt refreshing to see her in another light.

Two of my favorite beauty products (also well-documented on this blog: the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara and the NARS Multiple. And two necklaces that I love and definitely should wear more (similar).

Turkish rug runner, Adidas Gazelle sneakers in burgundy, J.Crew camo Macalister shoes, Sandro Anaconda slip-on sneakers, Chanel leather loafers, Alexander Wang Anouck boots
This runner was almost the One That Got Away. I saw it on One Kings Lane and fell in love immediately, but I couldn't commit to the price. I watched it every single day of the sale to see if someone would snatch it up, putting it in my cart and then not going through with the purchase. Eventually, the sale ended and I missed out, which I regretted immediately and every single day for the months that followed. Then, one day, I saw that One Kings Lane was having another sale for runners and THERE IT WAS. I did not hesitate the second time around, no ma'am (similar).

I used to only wear high heels, 4 inches being my sweet spot. However, my lifestyle has changed dramatically in the past couple of years and I now spend the majority of my time in flats. I never thought this would happen. Some favorites here, from left to right: Adidas, J.Crew, Sandro (similar), Chanel (similar) and Alexander Wang.

Dog slippers, china print teapot sheets, Chic Peek rings, Coordinates Collection bangleAlaïa eyelet patent leather booties, burgundy Bailey of Hollywood wide brim hat, beige linen pillows, vintage stripped raw meterial wooden chair
Do you guys remember Home Mint? I do (RIP). They had the best selection of pillows at a really good price point, which is where these beige linen ones come from (similar here and here).

This chair is a doozy. It's a vintage piece that my husband's aunt wanted to have reupholstered, so she brought it in to be stripped by this master carpenter in the New Paltz region. He did some incredible work refurbishing it, but before she could pick out some new material, she decided that she was moving and no longer had use for this chair. Needless to say, we snatched it up and kept it raw and bare. (similar one here)

The hat is by Bailey of Hollywood from Salmagundi Boston (similar), the most amazing hat store I've ever stepped foot in. The boots are extra special to me because they were my gift to myself when I graduated university. They're Alaïa.

Favorite knits, Kate Moss framed print, Restoration Hardware reclaimed wood dining room table
This dining room table is the Flatiron from Restoration Hardware. We looked so long for the perfect table and this undustrial-looking reclaimed wood one fit the bill. A stack of some of my favorite knits, from top to bottom: H&M, Ralph Lauren, Forever 21 mens and Gap. In the background is a frame of Kate Moss in a dress from her first-ever Topshop collection from a Vogue UK spread. I loved the pic so much, it just needed to be on my wall.

Forever 21 spike statement necklace, navy and white striped shirt, coordinates collection gold cuff bangleChristian Louboutin patent leather nude Pigalle pumps, J.Crew pony hair leopard pouch, Saint Laurent Arty ring, Resortation Hardware wood dining room chair
The chair is also from Restoration Hardware. We were going to get cushions for them and then decided against it once everything was is our space and we saw the bigger picture.

This J.Crew leopard pouch (similar) is a favorite, it goes with me everywhere since it holds all my little trinkets in my bag. It was one of my Christmas gifts from the hubs. The ring is also very special: he gave it to me for our first marriage anniversary. It's the Saint Laurent Arty ring, in case you're not familiar. The shoes are Louboutin (clearly) and definitely in my top three.

Pink Miu Miu box, vintage pearls, gold plated votive, Zoya nail polish in Normani, Essie in Sew Psyched, YSL rouge volupté, Bauble Bar opal galactic pendant earrings, window sillJimmy Choo Lance silver metallic sandals, single sole heels
These shoes will always be special because I wore them to the Oscars. They're by Jimmy Choo.

Photos by Ian Rusiana.

Do you have any home decor tips? Let's hear them!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hug Your Mom

On this beautiful Sunday in May, where moms are being celebrated everywhere in North America, I'd like to take the opportunity to give a big shoutout to my most faithful reader: my amazing mom.

Never once did she ever tell me that something was impossible, nor did she push me into things I seemed to have no interest or affinity for. She has never once questioned my choices, my path, my decisions, my ambitions. It has been just the opposite: she has unconditionally rallied behind me and supported every single one of my undertakings without hesitating for one second. Her unmitigated endorsements have made her the bearer of comfort, a pillar of strength to draw from, the vehicle that has propelled me froward and the most paramount barometer of validation. Everyone loves their mom. I personally don't know what I would have done, nor what I would do, to this day, without mine.

Joyeuse fête des mères!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wit Weddings

Just a quick unusual Saturday post to promote myself shamelessly: head over to Wit Weddings for a cute feature on this blogger and for some advice on wedding-wear (guests, not brides).

Fashion Over Reason, chunky knit, Ralph Lauren, MAC Cosmetics matte lipstick in Lady Danger, SOLO Eyewear  tortoiseshell
Photo by Ian Rusiana

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pinstripe Bandit

Pinstripe bandit, pinstripe velvet blazer, menswear, asos denim black jeans red velvet thin belt, Bottega Veneta crossbody bag, Pour la Victoire boots

I wasn't going to post these horrendous quality photos for many reasons, but in the end, I felt that not doing so would be a missed opportunity to discuss something that I am very passionate about: stealing sharing your male significant other's clothes. My tomboy tendencies have been well documented on this blog and so has my penchant for loose-fitting garments, so the invitation to join me in my klepto ways won't come as a surprise. I do recall at one point summoning you to take a peek in your man's closet to see what you could rummage to fit your own frame -- this post is yet another prime example of how real menswear can in fact be for us ladies, too.

With that I ask: who hasn't had the burning desire to join the pinstripe party this season? I certainly have. And one day, when I sauntered over to my husband's closet to reach for my/his favorite plaid shirt, there it was, staring right at me and whispering sweet nothings: a velvet pinstripe blazer with my name written I'd never actually seen my darling mister wearing this item in all of our years of communal existence (thank god) and I wasted no time yanking it right off of its hanger, immediately forgetting the initial reason for my rifling through his stuff in the first place (ah yes, that plaid...).

The thing did look kind of on the larger side of cool, but I didn't flinch and slipped it on expecting nothing less than greatness. Alas, this kind of oversized was bordering on the frumpy costume look and less on the "oh this old thing? One of my latest super-effortless-finds!", if you catch my drift. But I was determined: this pinstripe velvet blazer needed to happen and I was going to find a way to pull it off. Alarm bells were sounding everywhere in my frontal lobe: Could I close it with buttons? Should I have it tailored? Maybe wear it over something bulky? Would it look good belted? I was still trying to come up with solutions as I started sifting through my belts.

A thin berry velour waist-definer triggered a eureka moment: velour on velour, well OF COURSE! There I was, making good use of an otherwise unwearable piece (after finding this blazer and declaring it a gem for myself, I also asserted that no male should ever wear shoulder-padded, velvet-made anything unless they're Hugh Hefner or a cast member of Sleep No More and made sure my husband knew that meant not him), which now makes it the latest addition to my own roster of stolen goods. I was even more convinced when I took it out for a spin at last month's Ann Taylor event, where it garnered much praise from the mega babes you see in the pic below (and yes, that is the Kelly from the Glamourai and her lovely sister Erin. And yes, they're both genuinely the bomb).

With that is all the proof you need to be convinced to go treasure-hunting in your sig-other's wardrobe... or your brother's, or your father's.

Ann Taylor Kate Hudson LBD, little black dressed, Kelly Framel, Erin Framel, The GlamouraiKelly Framel from the Glamourai, Ann Taylor LBD little black dressed, fashion over reason Hélène HEathMenswear pinstripe velvet blazer, thin velvet joe fresh belt, ASOS jeans, Pour la Victoire patent leather boots, Bottega Veneta crossbody intrecciato bag
Pinstripe blazer - Stolen from my husband (similar)
Belt - Joe Fresh (similar)
Turtleneck - Splendid
Jeans - ASOS
Boots - Pour la Victoire
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Ring - Saint Laurent

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