Fashion Over Reason: Ask FOR #8: My Space Part II (The Lounging Edition)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ask FOR #8: My Space Part II (The Lounging Edition)

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Last time on the My Space segment, I shared a few of my favorite things in my home, and I am so happy to report that I was flooded with positive feedback about the post, which was truly moving, so I thank you for that! Now for this second installment, I am taking it to the living room, where I do most of my lounging and relaxing. To me, it should be inviting, cozy and uncluttered, but most of all, it should have a lived-in feel, which can best be likened to something of a comforting vibe.

I adore a big, robustly-padded couch. None of those love seat shenanigans -- the bigger, the better! We've had this grey suede sofa from Room & Board for a few years now, and while the color was good for when we were training Wally, I am totally ready to switch it up with something lighter. If not just because I want to update the space a bit, even though it's a great neutral color in a classic shape.

The chunky knit throw is from Pottery Barn and was a housewarming gift from my mother-in-law when we bought the place. It's soooo cozy and Wally and I often have to fight for it -- and we usually both end up getting a piece of it. I am huge on throws. We have a few for the couch (although this one has been a mainstay since we got it) and I have one on both beds. I love having extra blankets around because I'm literally always cold. Throws are also the most cost-efficient way to dress up a space and to make your sofa both pretty and inviting.

The ikat print pillows are from HomeMint (RIP). I mentioned last time that HomeMint was one of my favorite pillow-acquiring destinations because they carried such a well-priced wide variety, but alas, they are no longer with us. I'm glad I got to snatch up a bunch before they decided to permanently "remodel".

The gold coffee table is from ABC Home. Looking for a coffee table was such a challenge, it was a search that spanned a few months. Our problem was that we didn't really know what we were looking for and didn't exactly have anything specific in mind (remember what I said previously about gathering inspo before setting out? To avoid this very issue). This gold-lacquered piece was a real curveball, but there was something about it that we were drawn to. After staring at it in the store for a while, we were able to start envisioning it within our things. We were kind of vapid about it once it found itself in our living room and failed to apply any sort of protective spray, so now the top of it is pretty scratched and damaged... But at the same time, that's the sort of unintentional detailing that makes a piece look lived-in, attributing it more character. That said, if I had to do it again, I would take the opposite route and be more diligent about protection (that's what she said - ha!).

I always like to keep a selection of coffee table books on, well, my coffee table. Some are about fashion, some are about food and some are about photography. Just beautiful publications of fun, interesting things people can pick up and be entertained by. The shag rug is from Ikea -- yet another bang for our buck.

If you want more home interior tips, click here for Part 1 of this series!

Vertical striped button down blouse shirt, H&M, gold love chain necklace, ASOS double pearl earrings, black lace braletteWhite J Brand Zoe jeans, Denim Jenny Bird snake cuff, Coordinates Collection New York gold bangle,  Catbird arrow ringChic Peek gold love chain necklace, H&M vertical striped shirt, black lace braletteWhite denim, J Brand Zoe jeans, Block ballet slippers, H&M striped button down, Just Kids Patti Smith, Fishs Eddy mug, Wallyface, Ikat print pillowsChic Peek gold love chain, ASOS double pearl earringsRoom & Boars grey slate suede couch, HomeMint ikat print pillows, Pottery Barn chunky knit throw, mini Australian Shepherd, WallyfaceLounging, reading, couch surfing, gold bangles, vertical stripes, white denim, at homeFashion Over Reason, lounging, Room & Board grey slate suede couch, J brand white denim, H&M striped shirt, Bloch ballet slippers, Coordinates Collection New York gold bangle
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Shirt - H&M (similar)
Bralette - Aerie (similar)
Jeans - J Brand (similar)
Love chain - Chic Peek (similar)
Arrow ring - Catbird (similar)
Earrings - ASOS (similar)
Snake cuff - Jenny Bird (similar)
Gold bangle - Coordinates (similar)
Ballet slippers - Bloch
Nails - Essie in Imported Bubbly

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It's About L.A said...

These photos are really cool. Your place looks so cosy and I love this shirt !


JANICE G said...

i love your home :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Unknown said...

Wow, great post! You look awesome! :)

❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

Chrissabella said...

Great pics and love your shirt and bralette combo.

Unknown said...

Great photos! Love the look!


Melissa said...

I just don't know where to start - I'm loving every single details of the photos. They look amazing!

Maggie said...

Ah! Such a lovely room (and outfit)! You never cease to inspire me! That knit throw is a score! I, myself collect vintage afghans--I love putting them on everything! I think cozy blankets are an easy way to show people they can relax as well as dress up a place! X

MITCH said...

Your outfit is perfect. This kind of monochrome outfit is definitely my fave. Love the accessories as well :)


Sara Inga Catrin said...

So pretty! I adore your earrings! Love your space! xx Sara

It sure is a beautiful country in many ways, I'd say very close to heaven on earth! :) Can't wait to go back, hopefully this fall if not sooner :)

hidden dreams said...

Lovely pics!

Allie said...

What awesome pictures! You are rocking one chic lounge outfit <3

Sweet Madame Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Love your sofa! So stylish and comfy. I love that your home is chic yet relaxed. Nothing stiff about it.

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Haaa Pottery Barn just reminds me of that one Friends episode where Phoebe hates Pottery Barn. I wanna know what the fuss is all about because we don't have it in the UK! I love the ballet slippers as slippers - such an elegant way to lounge - and your jewellery in this post is literally perfect.

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

Samantha Mariko said...

that couch looks so comfortable, and the color is very nice! your lounging outfit is really lovely, too :) I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!I miss the American holidays so much!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Beautiful setting and wonderful outfit! Love your little companion! x

Unknown said...

I love the blouse and the way you styled it, so pretty!

Much love xxx

ALLIE NYC said...

Funny but I have been thinking of what kind of couch I would like for my future condo. I LOVE the dark wood floor trend so I will have dark floors so that pretty much rules out a black couch. A white couch though chic and beautiful is just not practical so that led me to grey. I am also thinking of a pop of color but it is probably going to be grey. And that table is gorj, I love it! I am going to look in to it, this must may work for me. The photos are great too, your photographer did a great job. Gosh I am still learning to use my DSLR and whew what a process.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Margaret Dallospedale said...

You look awesome!!
Amazing pics
Maggie D

The Indian Savage diary said...

lovely pictures..they clicked so well and you look dam your shirt and neck chain..

Tanya said...

Your beautiful post is very inspired:). I was thinking to take picture of my space too:). You've inspire me today! Lovely and chic.

Harija said...

nice and thank you so much for your lovely thoughts on my past post!!
Deeply appreciate it ;)
My Lyfe ; My Story

Unknown said...

absolutely LOVE the necklace

Lisa said...

I have to confess-- I was so inspired by the color of your couch that I scouted for something similar. Something about it just makes it very inviting. <3

-- Lisa