Fashion Over Reason: The Perfect One-Piece

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Perfect One-Piece

The perfect one-piece, Chloé backless swimsuit in black from SSENSE

Now that summer is (almost) here, it might be time to invest in new poolside attire. Like most women, I've been on the bikini wagon ever since I was old enough to wear one. And truth be told, I am just not a swimwear person. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am from the Great White White north, the land where beaches are more sparse than foliage in the desert. But I also just don't like the water.

Some people live for the ocean, that first cannon ball of the season in the pool, or the ultimate dream: diving in the Great Barrier Reef. All of those things are pretty much what my nightmares consist of. I hate getting wet, the sheer process of entering cold water is agonizing, and any unclear large water mass (lakes, rivers, the non-tropical part of the ocean) gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Some girls I know own literally 20 bathing suits. I, on the other hand, would only have one or two, which I would keep for 10 years at a time, while only really being used about once a year (and that's not in water). On top of it all, I can't say that I really feel all that comfortable in a swimsuit. Maybe it's an extension of me not feeling comfortable in swimwear-wearing milieu, but we all have our hangups, don't we?

To that I am adding that after giving swimwear more thought than I have in, well, probably my entire life, I hereby declare that my next maillot purchase will be a one-piece. And this is the P E R F E C T one. Never have I lusted after a piece of lycra clothing, but there is a first for everything, right? Right.

Get it in black here and in navy here.

Chloé Border Bath Suit in Navy and Nude, Chloé backless one-piece swimsuit, summer 2014Perfect one-piece swimsuit, Chloé swimwear, backless bathing suit, navy and nude


Coco said...

It's beautiful!
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Melissa said...

I'm more a bikini person than a bathingsuit, but those two look really great


Sarah said...

One pieces are underrated. Fabulous choices!

Unknown said...

Very nice! <3

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

Those one pieces are cool! Love the cuts.

hidden dreams said...

So great!

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Alexis Crawford said...

I don't really like one pieces, but this is something I'd actually buy!
lexi @ said...

I am so obsessed with one pieces this summer! The maillot is so hot right now and I am pumped - check out my fave four on my blog:

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MITCH said...

It makes me can't wait for Summer! Love the black one!