Fashion Over Reason: June 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bright Lights, Big City

Bright lights big city, New York City subway, Gap menswear military jacket, Liberty of London silk scarf, Bottega Veneta intrecciato leather cross body bag, Ça Va de Soi v-neck knitwear

There is a place in New York City that is avoided at all costs by locals unless they must absolutely frequent it for work, meetings or the theatre. That place is known as hell on earth Times Square. There are way too many people, it's filled with tourist traps (and the tourists to be trapped), people walk slow, the intersections are giant clusterfucks and on top of it being plainly annoying, it's rather abrasive.

Most people who are on a visit in the Big Apple stay around this area and proclaim "they could NEVER live here!". Neither could we. This is why no one lives there. Sure, the extremities of midtown comprise a periphery of semi-habitable neighborhoods like Hell's Kitchen and Kip's Bay, but the bigger part of that geographic area is peppered with hotels, bad restaurants, office towers and Broadway theatres. The residential abodes in between are short-term apartment leases and international businessmen-owned "investment properties". So no, no person in their right mind actually lives around there.

That said, no matter how you cut it, how irritating navigating the meeting point of Broadway and 7th Avenue may be, there's always an element of utter marvel that strikes when you actually take a moment to look up and take in what you see: larger-than-life billboards, enough lights to make it look like daytime at any given hour of the night, giant displays of American megalomania. Unless you've been to Tokyo, nothing in the world compares to the magnitude that is the heart of midtown Manhattan.

While I'm shitting all over this place, you undeniably need to see it at least once in your life. Ignore the tour guides hounding you to get on a bus, the creepy man-size Elmo mascots and Batmans (they're either meth heads or heavily inebriated (#justkidding #notreally)), the fanny packs resting on gunts attacking your eye-sight. Ignore the fact that you would lose a race with a snail and plop yourself in the middle of the pedestrian zones or on the TKTS staircase, look up and take it in. And remember that not even 20 years ago, what seems now like the center of the universe used to be one of the biggest dumps known for criminal activity.

But in all honesty, it's always an impressive sight, especially by night.

Times Square nighttime, TKTS staircase, army jacket, Asos skinny denim, Bottega Veneta intrecciato cross body bag, stiletto pointy toe metal cap toe leather bootiesMessy blond bob, vintage Liberty of London silk neck scarf, Gap military army coat, layering, fashion over reasonAsos black skinny jeans, leather pointy toe stiletto booties, Bottega Veneta cross body intrecciato leather bag, army jacket, on the streetVintage Liberty of London silk neck scarf, popped collar, dalmatian print vintage silk Louis Féraud blouse, black Ça Va de Soi v-neck knitwear, Gap military army green mens jacketTimes Square New York City, Big Apple, Concrete Jungle, City that never sleeps, TKTS staircase, nighttime, fashion blogger, NYC, photo shoot, Ian RusianaTimes Square at nighttime, New York City, bright lights big city, off duty photo shoot, photographed by Ian Rusiana, from the back, messy hairVintage Liberty of London silk neck scarf, Ça Va de Soi v-neck knit, popped collar dalmatian print silk blouse, Louis Féraud, Gap military jacket, nighttime New York CityAsos distressed skinny jeans, hole in the knee, black denim, Zara pointy toe stiletto booties, cap toes, nighttime New York City streets, dalmatian print silk blouseLiberty of London silk scarf, dalmatian print silk blouse, vintage Louis Féraud, Gap men's military army green jacket, Ça Va de Soi wool knitwearNighttime Times Square, bright lights, blond bob, big city, skinny jeans, stiletto booties, TKTS staircase, fashion photography, photos by Ian RusianaFashion Over Reason's Hélène Heath in Times Square at nighttime, New York City, blonde, blond bob, army jacketCity streets at nighttime, Times Square cross walk, bright lights big city, New York, big apple, concrete jungle, effortless chic, off duty, stilettos, skinny jeans
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Jeans - ASOS
Shirt - Vintage Louis Féraud (this one is on sale and super similar)
Knit - Ça Va de Soi (try this one)
Jacket - Gap men's (basically the same)
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Scarf - Vintage Liberty of London (this beauty will do the trick)
Boots - Zara (same idea)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just Stoop It

Fashion Over Reason Just Stoop It, H&M cork birkenstock slides sandals, distressed denim , linen t-shirt

When you're not headed out of town, summers are for easy living, impromptu evening plans, staycations, lazy days and outdoor chillin. That smell in the air on summer nights is enough to transport your soul to a place of extreme nostalgia, all while instilling in you the thought that anything is possible, beckoning your desire for adventure. The night is forever young once June rolls around.

While pondering what could be in store as the night unfolds, shooting the shit on the front stoop (preferably brewski in hand) alone often makes for a satisfactory evening proposition. There is hardly anything more evocative of summer living than parking yourself on the front stoop with a few pals and offering commentary as people walk by.

Perhaps this look, which (unintentionally) verges on normcore, subconsciously foreshadowed my stoop shenanigans.

Distressed black boyfriend jeans, Refind Denim, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato cross body leather bag, H&M cork slides sandals, linen t-shirt, on the stoop, summer activity, fashion blogger, style blogger, Grrenpoint, Brooklyn New YorkMAC Cosmetics matter lipstick in Lady Danger, red lips, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, black distressed boyfriend jeans, stoop chillinH&M cork slide sandals, trendy shoe of the summer, black distressed boyfriend jeans, Refind Denim white linen t-shirt, red lips, MAC Cosmetics matte lipstick in Lady Danger, Ray-Ban green/gold aviator sunglasses, Brooklyn New York, style blogger, on the stoop, summer style, easy living, normcore
Linen tee - H&M (i love this one)
Jeans - Refind Denim (these are super similar)
Sandals - H&M (these Birks are great or these Isabels are the high brow version of what i'm wearing)
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Elephant bangle - Rings & Tings (this one is SICK)
Lips - MAC Lady Danger
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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There are only a few days left to their campaign and any contribution counts!

Monday, June 23, 2014


FOR X MIMO Market, Mink Pink, Joa, Chrldr, J Brand, New York City, Miami, Lincoln Center, Fashion Blogger

When your really good friends decide to follow their entrepreneurial spirits and undertake the very difficult task of opening up a clothing boutique, the instinctive reaction is to rally behind them and support their journey. There's no greater joy than being able to share life-defining moments with people you love and believe in -- bearing witness to the triumphs, trials and tribulations, the glorious high highs and the unpreventable lows that come along with starting your own business only leaves you wanting to get involved in their adventure.

My girl friends in Miami are doing just that and the determination they're demonstrating is incredibly inspiring and contagious. Allow me to introduce you, my amazing readers, to my amazing homegirls and their new endeavor: MIMO Market. And I'm super thrilled to have Lisa as a sidekick for this post!

Lincoln Center Plaza, fountain, New York City, Fashion Over Reason X MIMO Market, personal style, fashion blogger, style bloggerLisa Tam MIMO Market, Hélène Heath Fashion Over Reason, Joa shorts, Mink Pink motorcycle vegan leather vest, Chrlrd jalouse t-shirt, J Brand skater cutoffs, Lincoln Center Plaza, Nighttime, fashion, personal style

My girl Lisa and I met years ago during my first internship in New York at Marie Claire magazine. She hired me as her intern after I relentlessly hounded her for weeks. We ended up developing a strong friendship that stood the test of distance for many years until I moved to New York permanently 3 years ago, and again now because she abandoned me left the Big Apple to go back to her hometown of Miami last summer.

The girl has some serious fashion cred: Marie Claire, Elle and more recently, Bloomingdale's. The dream of opening a boutique of her own always lived in her heart and it was an organic progression as she boomeranged back to south Florida.

MIMO Market in NYC with Fashio Over Reason, personal style, showcase at Lincoln Center Plaza, Mink Pink, Joa, Chrldr, J Brand, Jason Wu, Saint Laurent, personal style

She partnered with Lani, an equally talented friend with similar aspirations, and together they founded MIMO Market, the name serving as an acronym for Miami Inspires Modern Originality. Get ready for a new generation of clothing store: the kind that just gets you.

Once they open up in August, they're slated to become a not-to-be-missed destination for personal style in the booming area of Wynwood, thanks in part to their involvement in the community and the buzz they're already garnering via social media. And bring your boyfriend because they've got menswear too.

Lincoln Center fountain, Upper West Side New York City, MIMO Market and Fashion Over Reason collaboration, shenanigans, friends

Certainly, everyone reading this is familiar with Miami? Now, tell me: what is the first thing that springs to mind when conjuring up images of the city where the heat is on? South Beach? Nightlife? Bodycon dresses? Skin galore? Douchery (yep, I'm going there)? You're not alone.

But think again.

The next time you find yourself booking a trip to the steamy party capital, do NOT leave without a pilgrimage to Wynwood. It's the hottest up and coming area, it's where street art is king, the cool kids hang, locals frequent and trends are born. All those murals plastering your Instagram feed thanks to the Art Basel-dwelling scene you follow on the social platform? All in Wynwood.

MIMO Market and Fashion Over Reason, Motorcycle leather vest, personal style, fashion

Speaking of scene, are you tired of Collins Avenue or the pretentious vibes of Fontainebleau? Look no further than Wynwood for a conglomeration of pop-up galleries, live art shows, delicious food and all-around radness. Above all, this budding neighborhood is all about its sense of community. There's incredible support and camaraderie between the businesses, which makes you feel like you're actually a part of something even bigger as a contributor to this new dynamic area. It's truly palpable.

MIMO Market in NYC, Lincoln Center, Fashion Over Reason, personal style, fashion, Miami, Wynwood, friends, collaboration, style bloggers

So when my Chinese princess, Lisa, graced New York City with her presence last week, we seized the obvious opportunity to collaborate. I'm so excited to share the awesomeness of MIMO Market with you guys, as we're both wearing pieces that will be available in the shop come their August opening.

As you can tell, the vibe is cool, versatile, edgy, affordable, young and fun. Our personal styles are on two ends of the spectrum, and the MIMO merch caters to us both. Their democratic approach is something that all women can relate to and that will no doubt make their patrons faithful regulars.

MIMO Market outfits, Wynwood Miami, clothing boutique, fashion is fun, personal style, personalized outfits

Lisa and Lani are making MIMO more than just a store. They're able to telegraph their vision by creating a MIMO world via a creative, inspiring blog, as well as a strong social media presence. They're laying the groundwork in order to be able to assert MIMO as a mainstay on the scene. My girl friends are mini moguls, what can I say?

MIMO Market Miami, Chrldr Jalouse tee, Mink Pink vegan leather vest, Saint Laurent Arty ring, Lauren Wolf pearl earrings, personal style, Rings & Tings oversized ID chain necklaceChrldr grey jalouse tee, Mink Pink vegan leather moto vest, Lincoln Center, MIMO Market clothesMIMO Market Miami, clothing boutique in Wynwood, Mink Pink moto sleeveless vegan leather vest, Chrldr grey Jalouse tee, J Brand skater cutoffs, Jason Wu sandals high heels, oversized id chain necklaceBlack and grey, motorcycle rock 'n roll style, sleeveless leather vest, J Brand, Mink Pink Chrldr, Jason Wu, MIMO Market MiamiMIMO Market Miami in New York City, friends, fashion, personal style, collaboration, creative minds, Mink Pink, J Brand, Chrdlr, Jason Wu, Joa, photo shootLincoln Center Plaza at Nighttime, photoshoot, MIMO Market clothing boutique in New York City, Chrldr Jalouse tee, Mink Pink moto leather vest, Joa print shorts, summer rain, foliage
Photos by Ian Rusiana

On Me:
T-shirt - Chrldr (available at MIMO Market in August)
Vegan leather vest - Mink Pink (available at MIMO Market in August)
Cutoffs - J Brand (similar)
Shoes - Jason Wu
Earrings - Lauren Wolf
Necklace - Rings & Tings (similar)
Rings - Saint Laurent, vintage & Chic Peek

On Lisa:
Joa shorts, available at MIMO Market in August

Follow MIMO Market on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with all the updates!

As I mentioned earlier, building a business from the ground up (literally and figuratively) means not only moments of great joy, but also overcoming a series of hurdles. Conquering financial challenges fortunately come with practical solutions, like calling on the human spirit to lend a hand. Including yours!


You'll be able to learn more about what they're doing and become a part of their journey as well. Whether you donate $5 or $50, they're offering great incentives for you generosity and your cash is sure to go a very long way for two girls who are developing something really amazing. There are only 9 days left to their campaign, make it count you guys!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

¡Hola México!

Selfie, mexican embroideres tunic, gold metal choker, ray-ban aviators

I haven't done one of these selfie posts in quite a while, but I didn't get the chance to ask a second party to capture this outfit, yet I still thought it was worthy of showing you guys for the mere fact that it demonstrates how to be versatile with your clothes. Allow me to elaborate: this Mexican embroidered tunic is actually a dress(!). It's a great summer number and, while worn on its own, it can have an overwhelming (and a tad see-through) beachy vibe, it also doubles as top, in which case elevates it on the chic scale.

Still very dressed down thanks to my trusty Refind Denim cutoffs (I basically live in these), the single sole high-heeled mules, aka the shoe of the season, sweep in to pull the whole thing together. You don't need to be donning fancy gear to wear heels. In fact, I much prefer to be in ultra-casual garb when strapping on sky-high footwear -- all in the name of balance. Now, if only I could actually be going to Mexico in this thing, I would be more than happy to swap the Ninas for Havaianas...

Embroidered Mexican tunic dress worn as a top, Refind Denim vintage Levi's jeans distressed cutoff shorts, Nina Ricci navy satin slides mulesSelfie, bedroom, walk-in closet, wardrobe, mexican embroidered tunic top dress, gold metal choker, Nina Ricci satin mules, high heel slides, distressed denim cutoffs
Dress (worn as a top) - Vintage (same idea here)
Shorts - Refind Denim (almost the same here)
Mules - Nina Ricci (these are great)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Choker - Zara (almost the same here)
Chain - Vintage

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Slip Dress

When the mercury rises (hallelujah!), we inevitably start peeling off the layers of clothing -- sometimes by choice, but more often by necessity. When things get too hot to handle, that last thing you want are heavy coatings of material clinging to your body, am I right? Enter the slip dress. It's essentially the most publicly appropriate way to be wearing the least amount of clothing possible during the summer.

Most garments have a history, and the slip dress is no different. Look no further than the name, which clearly refers to its underpinning past: as a piece of clothing that was made to be worn under dresses, it eventually made its way to proper womenswear apparel. Cue the sexual revolution and the women's emancipation movement and now the slip is just as suitable for the outdoors as it is as a night chemise. While having undeniable bombshell qualities, the slip dress became the sartorial symbol for minimalism in the 90s thanks to Calvin and Donna, and, of course, queen Kate.

It also kind of became an icon in its own right, thanks to characters like Cher Horowitz (What is that? A dress! Says who? Calvin Klein!) and Carrie Bradshaw (hello, the Naked Dress). When I don my own slip dress, I can't help but feel like I'm channeling my inner Wynona. While this little number bares a lot of skin, its non-bodycon sensibility gives off that air of nonchalance I so very much enjoy. In spite of its revealing nature, it's more Moss than Crawford, peekaboo lace bra withstanding. An essential summer look in my books.

Tree slip dress, Gap black lace bra, Vince silver & grey toe ring sandals, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato crossbody bag, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Brooklyn, New York, NYC fashion blogger, personal style, summer style. hot weather look
Slip dress - Treesje (try this one)
Sandals - Vince
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Bracelets - Chic Peek & Rings & Tings (similar idea)
Necklace - Vintage (similar)
Ring - Saint Laurent

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ask FOR #11: My Space Pat V (Do Not Disturb)

Fashion Over Reason, at home, living room decor, Room & Board dark grey suede couch, ikat print pillows, chunky knit Pottery Barn throw, Ikea shag carpet, Bloch ballet slippers, J Brand Jeans light wash denim, Valentino blush pink satin top, Vogue Magazine with Lena Dunham cover, February 2014

For this last installment of the My Space series, I come back to the living room for some lounging and chilling. As I've said before, I believe that wherever one hangs their hat should be a place of peace that reflects who they are and what they look for in a zone of pure comfort. I adore the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, and it would be a dream if my home mirrored that image, but at the end of the day, my interior style tendencies are more shabby chic meets urban rustic than spotless starkness. You also have to learn to make certain concessions when you share your life with another person and meet in the middle of your opposing views, or tastes, in this case.

The whole mindset for decorating this condo was pretty simple: we wanted to counterbalance the modern vibe of the place with vintage, more soulful touches. There are things about the contemporary aesthetic that we love, like a spa-inspired master bath, really high quality appliances, marble countertops, etc. -- but they come at the detriment of what most older constructions provide you with: charm. Features like beautiful wall moldings, exposed brick, wooden beams, without forgetting the general warmth and authenticity they emanate was not lost on us. Our instincts organically veered toward trying to mend the two aesthetics to make our home more personal.

While we have numerous newer pieces of furniture, they're all connected by one common thread: their old world appeal. Items made from reclaimed wood have a gravitational pull on us, multiple DIY projects were undertaken (I thanketh the aboves for a handy husband) and many customizations were made. However, a lot of our more decorative elements are flea market finds, antique show treasures and garage sale bargains. By making room for both the past and the present within our things, we were able to reconcile the modern with the vintage and make our apartment a place of balance and harmony. But even more important, we made it feel like us and therefore like home.

I hope you guys enjoyed my mini home tour and that you were inspired for your own place. You'll find all the details about the deco in the series' previous posts, here are the links:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Zara gold metal choker, ASOS double pearl earrings, Valentino blush satin top, J Brand jeans, ballet slippers, bloch, Fashion Over Reason at home, home decor, cozy living roomLounging, relaxing, chilling, at home, cozy living room, R&R, distressed stripped vintage chair, Valentino satin top baby pink, light wash denim, J Brand, Short blond bob, gold votives, bay windowValentino blush satin long sleeve shirt, J Brand Jeans light wash denim, raw distressed stripped vintage wood chairVintage stain glass frame, living room art, shabby chic, grey suede Room & Board couch, cozy living room, my space, lounge, knit throw Pottery Barn, Ikat pring decorative pillowsFashion Over Reason, Hélène Heath, at home, living room, Ask FOR, Asos double pearl earrings, gold metal choker from Zara, Valentino blush pink top, distressed stripped vintage wood chairRelaxing, lounging, reading, living room, Vogue magazine, Bloch dance ballet slippers, beige shag rug#Wallyface, miniature blue merle Australian Shepherd, light was denim J Brand Jeans, Satin blush Valentino shirt, long sleeve top, gold metal choker, living room, home decor, interior design, gold votive candle holders, bay windowsVogue Magazine February 2014 with Lena Dunham on the cover, peekaboo, living room, chillin, relaxing, lounging, Pttery Barn chunky knit throw, Room & Board Metro dark grey couch, Zoya nail polish in Normani
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Top - Valentino (very much the same vibe)
Jeans - J Brand
Ballet slippers - Bloch
Choker - Zara (look alike)
Earrings - ASOS (similar idea)
Nails - Zoya in Normani

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

To the Beach!

To the Beach, Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn New York, Straw Hat, Blue and white, H&M, Gap, Hip hip hurray jump

Some folks grow up with the beach in their backyard. Instead of building snowmen and learning how to skate on ice, they became pros at applying sunscreen and their spare time is taken up by wave-catching. I belong to the former group (as if you didn't know). The beach, what a foreign concept. When your closest mass water source is a large over-poluted river that barely reaches 65 degrees during its summer peak, you're hard-pressed to equate the shore with regular pastimes. The only moments spent on a real ocean's beach, complete with the finest white sand the earth can provide, and water so crystal clear that you could well be in a pool, is when you take flight on a giant iron bird knows as an airplane.

When you never see the ocean, when the only nature smells you recognize are "fall" and "spring" and when you just don't find it necessary to invest in a fun collection of bikinis, anything that relates to being at the sea is magical. It's magic because when you come from where I do, the beach is synonymous with vacation; it's an event and nothing less. It happens in the summertime when you're on break and can drive up to one of the nearest coast towns, say in Maine or the Jersey Shore; or in the winter when you fly anywhere closer to the Equator. It's magic because of its divine, unmistakable salt water smell that makes you weak in the knees. It's magic because all of the above are constant reminders that you are indeed in a place where the only thing better to do than nothing is more nothing.

That sandy pathway across the tall grass leading from the road to the sand is a sight that always gives me butterflies. It lets you know that you've arrived. It's your welcome committee. That rare sight demands to be taken in every time I encounter it, as it's the passage from the regular world into one where waiting for the tide to rise is the only thing that matters. That sandy lane is there to steer you into a zone where the only thing to think about is how far the horizon goes and how dark your tan is. Oh, and that heavenly ocean aroma.

On a sublime weekend a few weeks ago, we decided to grab our bikes and ride down from North Brooklyn all the way to Coney Island -- 12 miles to be precise. It was exciting because it was going to be my first time on the legendary boardwalk. There was no sandy pathway between the tall grass, nor were there beach homes overlooking the water, but there was the distinctive salt water smell, a lovely boardwalk to strut on and Luna Park's legendary Wonder Wheel. The day would not have been complete without hot dogs and brewskis from the iconic Nathan's. But above all, my toes got the feel the sand without having spent one single air mile point.

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, New York, blue skies, perfect day, sunshineBaby blue rope tank and white denim cutoffs from Gap, Suburban Riot canvas tote, Ancient Greek Sandals rose gold sandals, Dorfman Pacific wide brim straw hat, Ray-Ban aviators, Cone Island Boardwalk, Chic Peek arm cuffGreen vintage Schwinn bicycle, Coney Island Boardwalk, pastels, summer, Ancient Greek Sandals rose gold, straw hatNathan's Famous hot dogs, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New YorkConey Island beach, summer 2014, Gap white denim cutoff shorts and baby blue tank, H&M mens button down shirt, Dorfman Pacific straw hat, triangle stud necklaceNathan's hot dogs and fries, Coney Island Lager, picnic, American foodConey Island beach, toes in the sand, summer 2014, H&M men's blue button down, white Gap short, Ray-Ban aviators, Dorfman Pacific hatBeach chillin, laid back, casual attitude, straw hat, oversized shirt, Coney Island pier on the beach, Brooklyn NYConey Island beach, on the sand, peace sign, pastel colors, relaxed, casual attitudeConey Island Wonder Wheel at Luna Park, Brooklyn New YorkConey Island Boardwalk biking, green vintage Schwinn bicycle
Tank - Gap (very close)
Cutoffs - Gap (Same idea)
Sandals - Ancient Greek Sandals
Hat - Dorfman Pacific (same vibe)
Button down - H&M men's (same idea)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Necklace - Salmagundi Boston (same idea)
Arm cuffs - Chic Peek & Rings & Tings (this one is very similar)

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