Fashion Over Reason: Ask FOR #10: My Space Part IV (The Windowsill)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ask FOR #10: My Space Part IV (The Windowsill)

fashion over reason on the windowsill at home, bedroom, Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus frame, J.Crew leopard print pouch, Bloch ballerina slippers, Bruce Springsteen frame

When I was a little girl, I used to fantasize about having one of those seat back windowsills. I dreamt about moving into a room that offered a large perch overlooking the outdoors, only so that I could create a cozy little reading nook for myself. The reason for why still eludes me, but it's one of my most fervent memories -- there are only a few things I remember having such a strong longing for. Perhaps it was due to the enchanting aspect of stargazing while getting lost in a book. I vividly remember romanticizing the scenario in my head, how homey it would feel, how unique it would be to have that little private space all to myself.

I never did get my snug windowsill alcove, but I like to hold on to the fact that I dreamt of it as a child. When we were viewing this apartment prior to buying it, the wide break in the wall cradling each and every window were something I made a mental note of. The thought was inevitable: I was finally going to have my windowsill bench moment.

It's now way more representative than anything else, as I no longer have dreams of private time in a small space that is all mine, but there is something nice and satisfying about having one of your childhood desires come to life. I do occasionally sit there and gaze out, whether it's to take in the view, to read, or to just chill out. It makes the 10 year old in me utterly blissful.

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Golden hour sunshine, fluffy striped sweater from H&M, green eyes, blond bobH&M fluffy fuzzy striped sweater, Chloé green wool tweed pants, Chic Peek ringsFuzzy H&M boat neck striped knit sweater, Chloé wool pantsBaubleBar opal galactic drop earrings, Saint Lauren pink & silver Arty Ring, Chic Peek double silver ring, boat neck sweater, sunshine at golden hourSitting on the windowsill, H&M striped oversized boat neck knit, Chloé cropped wool pants trousers, Saint Laurent Arty Ring, v
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Sweater - H&M (similar)
Pants - Chloé (similar)
Earrings - BaubleBar
Rings - Saint Laurent & Chic Peek and here

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CharloJiho said...

This sweater is really beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Omg, the pictures are so amazing.
Everything about your blog is perfect !
Great post. You look amazing.x

Lisette Pool - 24/7 STYLISH said...

Great outfit! And do I see balletshoes in the corner :) ? Haha I love it!

Love, Lisette

Melissa said...

Oh I'd love to join you, sitting by the window and looking outside is always so much fun! I really like the photos, you really look great in them! :)


Coco said...

Look at you gorgeous!! It's funny because I've always had the same craving and now my bedroom and my daughter's have a huge windowsill. I think my daughter will especially enjoy it growing up :-)
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Elissa said...

Love that cozy sweater. Perfect for a day lounging about.


Unknown said...

Aww, I fell in love with this fluffy sweater! **

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Unknown said...

Love this!
Emma | With A City Dream

StyleByDeb said...

These pictures are just awesome, the photography in your blog in general is awesome! Thanks for stopping my blog, dear :)

Margaret Dallospedale said...

OMg Helene <3 <3 <3
You look awesome.
Those pictures are so stunning
Maggie D
The Indian Savage Diary

JANICE G said...

great photos of you :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

Manasi said...

Lovely pictures!

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

That last photo is beautiful! What a sweet story and it fits with you so well; I'm glad you got your perch! Little girl Hélène wanted such charming things whilst little girl Jade just wanted pools of chocolate.

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

Sam said...

I really love the chicness and modernity of your haircut, it suits you beautifully, thats such a charming sweater.Thanks for stopping by, its always great reading your opinion!

ALLIE NYC said...

Hey I did the same thing! Glad you finally have it. I don't but maybe one day I will.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Lien Steyaert said...

You're so pretty! I love the outfit you're wearing!

Allie said...

What a comfy looking sweater! <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Unknown said...

The window sill makes for a gorgeous prop! Loving your accessories. & Wishing you well! :D

♥ | | xoxo

Pretty Tiny Things said...

Beautiful pics , love the light !

Do you want to follow each other ?


Emily from PTT

Tamina said...

so cute :-) your sweater looks really cozy and pretty at the same time

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I love spaces by windows. They're so dreamy. Great pics!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I love spaces by windows. They're so dreamy. Great pics!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I love spaces by windows. They're so dreamy. Great pics!

Alexis Grace of North On Harper said...

I love a windowsill -- not just for reading, but to look over the world below… lovely spot!

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Lovely pics!