Fashion Over Reason: Ask FOR #9: My Space Part III (Function & Fashion)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ask FOR #9: My Space Part III (Function & Fashion)

Fashion Over Reason when function meets fashion

Welcome to part 3 of my home tour! This installment serves as a mini visit of my office space, as well as a glimpse of my dining room/kitchen (here in NYC, they're often a 2-in-1 kind of deal), essentially the functional areas of any home, mine included. Now, seeing as I work from my humble abode (when I don't decide to take it to the nearest cafe), it's imperative that I be comfortable. As demonstrated here, I don't get very fancy, but I do like to keep it somewhat put together, so loose-fitting drapey garments are kind of what I live in.

Helmut Lang grey knit sweater, blond bob, dainty ID chain necklace, vintage silver ringsHelmut Lang grey knit sweater, COS emerald green silk pants, white snake embossed Anthropologie Leifsdottir loafers, vintage washed turskish rug, Restoration Hardware Flatiron reclaimed mood dining room table
I told the tale of my dining room table in the first post of this series (it's the Flatiron from Restoration Hardware, along with the Madeleine chairs). It's funny because the only time we ever eat at the table is if we have people over -- otherwise, we just break bread on the couch in front of the TV. Should I be embarrassed to admit that? Oh well.

The vintage wash Turkish rug is another score from HomeMint (RIP), which I jumped on the first week of their launch a couple of years ago. We'd been looking for the perfect rug to fit in the space but couldn't really commit to anything we were seeing. While its color scheme served as bait, the size turned out to be ideal and we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

COS emerald green silk pants, Anthropologie white leather snake embossed loafersHelmut Lang grey knit sweater, vintage silver grey pearls, silver ID chain, Rings & Tings silver spin ear cuff, Chic Peek double ringHelene Heath Fashion Over Reason, home office, at home, vintage metal desk, Kate Moss print, at work
My office motto is that an uncluttered desk is one of the best ways to not only be more productive, but to actually want to go sit at it. I have found that the key to this is to get a smaller desk, where you'll be less prone to keep all kinds of trinkets, tchotchkes and other useless dust-collectors that will make a big, anxiety-inducing mess. We found this desk at an antique shop and immediately zeroed in on it, as it was the perfect size and shape. It's a vintage Norman Bel Geddes design, I'm going to guess from the late 20s. I've been meaning to change the drawer knob forever, but the kitschy silver thing has kind of grown on me. And yes, I am probably the last person in the world to have a landline, but hey, it's really useful when you have to be on hold with Verizon for an hour.

I like to keep a scented candle on my desk at all times, because, simply put, I am obsessed. I love the ones from Catbird, ABC Home (the Cashmere one from Linnea's Lights!) and Voluspa the best, they all have divine, well-priced selections. A little greenery on ye olde work station never hurt, either! (My husband has to take care of it, as I have what could be described as a black thumb -- I can't even keep a cactus alive, true story).

Restoration Hardware Madeline Side Chairs, vintage wash turkish rug, COS emerald green silk pants, Helmut Lang grey knitwear, Chic Peek ring, vintage ringsResotration Hardware Madeline side chairs and Flatiron reclaimed wood table, vintage sand wash turkish rug, Anthropologie Leifsdottir white snake embossed loafers, COS green silk pants, Helmut Lang grey knitwear, NYC kitchen, at home
Moving onto the small peek of the kitchen area, you can see that there is a big ghetto-looking gaping hole amidst the cabinets in the back of this photo and I feel as though I need to address it/explain. That is the space where the microwave hangs its hat, but it happened to be out for repairs that week, right on time for this shoot.

Blonde, blond bob, short hair, Helmut Land grey knit sweater, knitwear, ID chain necklace, Restoration Hardware Madeline chairs, Flatiron table, reclaimed woodHelene Heath from Fashion Over Reason home office, vintage metal desk, Mac Apple desktop computer, Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus frame, Helmut Lang knitwear, at work,
The stool is an old piano bench I found at Brooklyn Reclamation. The velvet moss green cushion immediately caught my eye. It's not the most comfortable to sit on for hours on end, but I love it regardless and it integrated seamlessly within our decor. In order to complete my office space, I've been looking for a big pin board/cork board to put up on my wall for some live-in-the-flesh Pinterest action, but I haven't been able to find one I like, even on Etsy. If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

I wish I had more detailed shots of these two rooms, but unfortunately the lighting was tricky and the hours were sparse. Stay tuned next week as I continue my home tour, and don't forget to keep your requests coming! For most thorough interior deco tips, click here.

Photos by Ian Rusiana

Top - Helmut Lang (similar)
Silk pants - COS (similar)
Loafers - Leifsdottir (similar)
Rings - Chic Peek & vintage
Silver pearls - Vintage (from my mom) (similar)
Ear cuff - Rings & Tings (same here)
Necklace - Vintage (similar)

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Trudy Danso said...

Je camera maakt echt prachtige fotos!!

Melissa said...

What a lovely place you have! I really like it. Also loving your photos, you look amazing in them!


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Wonderful photos! **

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The Isolated Queen said...

Lovely post. I agree, you have to have a clean space in order to work peacefully :)
Your outfits is just as great, loved your pants and flats!

all the best to you

ilovetrends said...

You have a nice home!! And cool outfit btw :)

Lisette Pool - 24/7 STYLISH said...

Great look! I love the top. It looks so casual & nice :)

Unknown said...

this outfit looks fantastic! great color scheme

Unknown said...

Your home looks beautiful :)


Amazing photos!
I love your hair!

Margaret Dallospedale said...

Oh Helene, you look awesome!!
Love your shoes
Maggie D
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ALLIE NYC said...

I love how what you are wearing is so comfy but so chic and your home is lovely, love the rustic touches. But haha I am all about a big desk!

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Anonymous said...

I love your hair (and your home !)
Kiss, Eugénie ♥

Lisa said...

Helene! Obsessed with that dining table and the chairs-- simply perfection! And I agree, totally can't work in an area where it's super cluttered, makes me totally NOT want to work. LOL

-- Lisa

Unknown said...

I like the color of your pants.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful space ! I love your desk so much I have just taken photos for a post and feel i want to re do mine after seeing yours! So perfect!

Lucy xxx

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It's a super cute space! Love your MAC and your top!

MilanoTime said...

amazing pics!

thegrisgirl said...

hi hun!
I`m here the first time, and i really love it! is amazing!! your style is unique!!! <3333 i love it!!

tell me what about follow each other?? Let me know please if you start and I inmediatly follow your back favour!! :)

have a great day!!
xoxo from Spain

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Stylish and comfy outfit and amazing interiors!

MITCH said...

I adore your style!


Samantha Mariko said...

I love your haircut, and the inside of your house is so gorgeous! love the furniture!

Glendabelle said...

Looks comfy :) Great post.
Followed you on Bloglovin :)

Take Care!

Unknown said...

Your outfit is so cute! I love everything about it. The pants are to die for! I also love the flats and the sweater. You have a beautiful haircut too!

I can't wait to see more of your future posts!

Please check out my style blog too! xoxo


Tanya said...

Such a sweet picture of you! simply cute!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I love your home and all the pieces you filled it with! Just so beautiful and cosy! x

SprinklesofStyle said...

Oh wow your photos are so, so pretty!! Everything looks gorgeous and the outfit is perfect too!!

Love :)

Layla xx

Alexis Grace of North On Harper said...

Your space looks well worn -- in a relaxed, comfortable style (even if the stool doesn't feel that way!). And I totally can relate to your work wardrobe, I work from home as well and also go for cool casual looks….

Johanna said...

I love your Helmut Lang top. It looks so cozy!

JANICE G said...

thanks for sharing your space! you look great~

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