Fashion Over Reason: Fly At Night

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fly At Night

Fashion Over Reason, Fly at night, Nighttime shoot, Freedom Tower, World Trade Center, silk print maxi dress by Stefanie Biggel, Pour la Victoire strappy cage peep toe booties

New York City is a pretty magical place all around, but there's something even more intangibly spectacular about it once the sun has set and the evening turns into night. The bright lights of the mega metropolis has this indescribable energy that can make even the weakest feel invincible. There really are no accurate words to describe the portrait I'm trying to paint -- it's something that has to be experienced to be fully understood.

Few things in life that are romanticized as extensively as the Concrete Jungle actually match what we build them up to be in our minds. Most often, the fantasy is far better than the reality, as our heads tend to hype things far too much for them to live up to. But the opposite can be said for the place that harbors the skyline of all skylines, the spirit of all spirits, the dream of all dreams. It's almost like the hustle is part of what makes this place so exciting.

Nighttime in the Big Apple is on another level. It can make the earliest of risers transform into a night owl and the sweetest lady crave a little insanity. One of my favorite lines on the Rent soundtrack provides a pretty accurate narrative: "In the evening I've got to roam, can't sleep in the city of neon and chrome." The crazy thing with New York is that even when the monotony of every day life and routine set in, it never gets dull because being bored is impossible in the city that never sleeps. To quote Rent again, "So let's find a bar, so dark we forget who we are." End scene.

Nighttime shoot, dragging the shutter, Stefanie Biggel Prim maxi dress, city skylineBlond messy hair, nighttime in Brooklyn, dragging the shutter, nright lights, Stefanie Biggel backless dress, Saint Laurent arty ring, bright glossy lipstickStefanie Biggel Prime silk maxi dress, New York city skyline at night, East River, blond bobMessy blond hair, shoulder length bed head bob, bright pink glossy lips, Carthage pure matte lipstick by NARS, Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils mascaraNYC skyline, lower manhattan, downtown view from Brooklyn, ASOS quilted leather jacket, silk maxi graphic print floor length dress, Pour la Victoire peep toe bootiesPour la Victoire powder blue peep toe cage booties, silk slit maxi dress, night photography, dragging the shutterMessy blond bob, deep side part hair flip, bright pink glossy lips, ASOS quilted leather jacket, Stefanie biggel graphic print silk dress, Saint Laurent arty ringDragging the shutter, nighttime photorgraphy, ASOS quilted leather jacket, silk maxi Stefanie Biggel Prime dress, Saint Laurent Arty ring, Pour la Victoire blue peep toe booties, Coordinates Collection gold bangleStefanie Biggel backless Prime dress, blond messy bob, nighttime photography, East River, NYCDUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, Downtown, nighttime photography, Watchtower, Stefanie Biggel prime maxi dress, Pour la Victoire powder blue cage peep toe booties, blond bob
Photographed by Ian Rusiana

Dress - Stephanie Biggel (this one is really cool too)
Shoes - Pour la Victoire (same vibe and perfect)
Leather jacket - ASOS
Lips - NARS Carthage + Aquaphor
Earrings - Lauren Wolf
Bracelets - Coordinates Collection & Jenny Bird (similar)

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Unknown said...

Wow! Amazing photos! Love your dress <3 <3

Tanya said...

Night time in NYC is really does look magical in the picture. Love your dress and shoes!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lauren Dimesky said...

UMMM hello gorgeous! Loooove this dress and the city as your backdrop! Lovely work <3


A Very Sweet Blog said...

I bet the nightlife in NYC is fabulous! I can't wait to visit. I want to see the theater district and go to the broadway shows! Gorgeous dress and shoot!

Beauty Junkkie said...

Beautiful look and background. You capture the city well. Stay Beautiful

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness these photos are amazing!! You look great, the city looks great, and the outfit looks great. Major props to you and Ian for this great post!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful dress!

Unknown said...

Such cool pictures! Love that dress! You are beautiful.

Allie said...

That dress is beyond gorgeous! <3

Sweet Madame Blue

Jeanne said...

These pictures are utterly breathtaking Hélène! You look amazing and the backdrop couldn't be more stunning!

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful outfit, I really like the way you're styling that dress with the leather jacket!


CharloJiho said...

I love this dress !

Sam said...

Your photos are as good as any Vogue editorial, you look exquisite, love this stunning dynamic dress.Thanks so much for stopping by...Hope you have a successful week ahead!

Johanna said...

This dress is so stunning on you and the shoes!!

Alexis Grace of North On Harper said...

I love the drama of your dress!!!!! And you styled it perfectly….

Unknown said...

Perfection my dear! I loved every single word you wrote - so poetic - the pictures are absolutely stunning (the effect of the background...I hahaha) and the dress? You look truly stunning Hélène!! Favourite blog post ever!!!

A friend of mine who's been in New York a few times actually said the same thing about the Big Apple just a few days ago. London may be full of opportunities, but it has almost nothing to offer compared to New York...I wanna go tooo :D

Jasmin xx

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Such a beautiful post and the dress is absolutely stunning! x

Unknown said...

Those pics are stunning! really love your dress.

ALLIE NYC said...

I know that dress!! Looks A-maze Balls on you!! I got to get my ass in there asap and pull me some threads. : )

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

These photos - the lights, the dress, your face - are insane!! Unbelievably gorgeous and the way you describe New York... EURGH, it's absolutely on my bucket list. Liverpool is not so twinkling and glam but the friendliness of the city more than makes up for it (i.e. it should defo be on your bucket list)!

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

Unknown said...

Night life in NYC really is another thing, I just came back from a month of pre-college and I didn't want to leave, I felt another level of 'birvana' per say, when I went out at night and walked under the windows of hundreds of strangers....
May I ask what camera settings you used for these shots? They are so incredible, they really make your outfit look so amazing!


Anshul Bhargava said...

I am literally drooling over that dress right now!! You look absolutely stunning!!! Love love the shots you took!! <3 Super prettyyy!!!

Unknown said...

Amazing blurred photos! You look fabulous in that gorgeous dress. NYC must be an amazing city. Love those quotes.

Jasmine x
For a Real Woman
So easy Spanish!

Unknown said...

Those pics are amazing, you are so lucky to be living in NYC !!

Love the print of the dress, you look beautiful !

Unknown said...

You look great! You have a wonderful style! I love your blog!
Do you wanna follow each other?

Natalia Bosch said...

So pretty!

Lots of love.

Sybil said...

stunning dress!! love the heels as well!

Animated Confessions

Coco said...

Hélène this shooting is magical!! You look incredible against the night skyline. Truly impressive!!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

Samantha Mariko said...

I would loooove to experience the night life in New York!! A dream... this dress is so beautiful and unique- you pull it off so well :) love the quirky last photo!

Stephanie said...

OK I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this post!!!!! YOu look So So stunning!!!! Jaw dropping! And that dress is everything i'd love for a dress, easy effortless and totally unfussy yet completely gorgeous. All at once.
Love you and Ian working on these photo sesh's together: two talents creating sparks!


Ellen said...

Your outfit is great, lovely Jacket you have :)

Leathers Trend Days of Future Past Jacket

Unknown said...

Very interesting post ! It's a delight to go through your lovely blog .
Keep the magic on