Fashion Over Reason: Layers of Black

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Layers of Black

Fashion Over Reason in the Streets of Paris, le Marais, all black look, street style

It's no secret that I am not a purveyor of color when it comes to dressing myself. I love it on others but I never feel like it works when I'm wearing something flashy. While some people think that head-to-toe black is boring and unimaginative (just ask Anna), I beg to differ and I am about to make my case.

If your individual pieces are interesting, the sum of their equation has to be amazing by default, amiright? It's undeniable that black, no matter how cheerless in character it is, is a "color" that really serves as a style elevator. It's the one shade that you can throw on without asking yourself if it works -- it always works. Of all the hues associated with timelessness, this one is the queen mother. People who layer black always exude a certain power, a certain je ne sais quoi that transpires into everlasting, undeniable cool.

When I see a girl in a look comprised mostly of dark pieces, I always turn around. I want to analyze who this person is, my first thought being that she is really fucking cool. If you can wear all-black and catch people's eye, you're in a whole different style category. That said, I wear a lot of black and hardly think of myself as one of those girls, but that doesn't stop me from feeling chic when I do.

These were taken on our last full day in Paris this summer, but this outfit is the kind that has such neutral, minimal appeal that it could truly transcend seasons. Needless to say, I felt pretty strong in my layers of black.

Joseph black sating button down shirt, Tibi culottes, H&M cork slides, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, old Parisian street and stone building, le MaraisFashion Over Reason in Paris, all black look, old Marais street, what I wore, summer styleAll black uniform, street style, Joseph shirt, Tibi culottes, H&M cork slip-on sandals, Fashion Over Reason in Paris
Shirt - Joseph (very similar here)
Shorts/culottes - Tibi(these are great)
Sandals - H&M (these are awesome)
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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Unknown said...

I just love all black looks, especially when worn the way you styled them: simple with a twist !

Samantha Mariko said...

laid back but so chic! one of my favorite outfits from you :) I love wearing all or mostly black as well.



Lien Steyaert said...

I adore black and white, and not only together. But an outfit just black or white. And no that's not Anna's cup of tea ;).

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Love it. Personally I'd swap the black for charcoal grey (you probably guessed this was coming, since I talk about greys all the time), but I much rather wear this kind of outfit than anything bright or over the top patterned. Very chic! x

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I have a fondness for black also. Beautiful outfit! You look chic!

Stardust said...

Those are awesome sandals!

(IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

SprinklesofStyle said...

Such a beautiful outfit, you look gorgeous!!!! Love the casual vibe yet how chic it is!! :)

Layla xx

behindmyheels said...

I love all black outfits! Something so chic and amazing about them!

Unknown said...

Love this… beautiful all black look
kisses from Miami,

Unknown said...

Amazing look! Love your sandals!


Anshul Bhargava said...

Omgosh Helene!! You look stunning. Is there anything that you can't pull off??? you pulled off those 3/4 shorts so so well!! I know for sure that i would have failed miserably!! :( said...

love the simplicity


isa said...

love the simplicity

Unknown said...

It's cannot go wrong with all black everything, but you pull it off particularly well. I love the combo. It reminds me of Margaret Howell's new collection (blog post coming up tomorrow) look so chic and rather summery, despite wearing all black.

Jasmin xx

ALLIE NYC said...

Haha so true, I wore a lot of black in school because I could not afford clothes so I did not have to think about what to wear and no one could tell I was wearing the same few things.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Chrissabella said...

I love this simple and very cool look! xx