Fashion Over Reason: Across the Bridge

Monday, October 6, 2014

Across the Bridge

Fashion Over Reason on the Williamsburg bridge, New York City, Brooklyn

New York City provides an endless well of interesting places to take photos. At any given time, no matter where you find yourself meandering in the streets of this massive metropolis, you can stop and find a backdrop that will infinitely enhance whatever it is that you are wearing that day. Exhibit A: the beautiful brick wall yonder, spotted on a leisurely stroll through the Lower East Side on a peaceful Saturday. The beauty of this town is that the character of certain buildings is not contained within their walls, but runs all the way through their exterior as well.

Exhibit B: the walk across the Williamsburg bridge on the way home, a photo opp call I would never fail to answer. One of my favorite routes to take back to the bat cave, but made in exceptional circumstances each time for obvious reasons. Not only is the trek breathtaking, but it's good for both the figure and the soul. It allows one enough time to breathe, to think, to take things in, to reflect. It's as good as it looks.

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Shirt - Madewell
Shorts - Tibi (similar)
Sneakers - Sandro (similar)
Sunnies - Ray-Ban

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Unknown said...

I love your shorts !

Unknown said...

Loving the bridge as a backdrop! It's the perfect complement to your casual-cool outfit! Great shorts btw...I got similar longer ones ;) Keep the diverse backdrops coming..I love exploring New York through your eyes.

Jasmin xx

behindmyheels said...

Awesome outfit! Wish I lived in day!

Anonymous said...

Great casual outfit. Loving the denim top.

thegrisgirl said...

so cute, lovely! love it ! said...

I love how you shot this post and the red and blue contrast. So cool you get to walk this way to the 'bat cave' and I can see why it's perfect for a photo opp. ;)


A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's a very cool bridge shot! I love the graffiti! Love your denim top and cute shorts.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous look! Love it! X

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful girl.

XX Cindy