Fashion Over Reason: Fall Weekend Diary

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Weekend Diary

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I always complain about winter. I really, really, really loathe it with all of my being. I'm talking about a real northern winter, with temperatures below the freezing point and snow that won't cease tumbling down from the clouds. It. Is. Horrid. I know, pretty uncharacteristic for girl that hails from the Great White North, but it's true: I never "got used to" winter, as most people do. Generally, they just make do and accept the fact that it's just the way the cookie crumbles. Not this girl. While New York winters are more tolerable than Canadian ones by leaps and bounds, but they're still annoying as hell. But I still want them around, strangely.

I know what you're thinking: dude, why are you boring us with this outlandish, unrelated rant? Bear with me, I have a point, promise. So, with all of that said, I don't think I could live in a place that doesn't have a cycle of four distinctive seasons. The fact that we are able to experience four of Mother Nature's completely divergent mood swings is perhaps one of the best things about having grown up (and still dwelling) in the Northeast. Each and every season brings on a whole new world of possibilities, it reminds us how truly amazing the Earth really is, and mostly, I find that it makes us appreciate everything on a much higher level. It all weighs heavier in the gratitude scale.

Fall has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. While I was never very academic, that back-to-school period was synonymous with the sort of enchantment I couldn't get enough of - the smells, the new clothes, the radical change in lifestyle, the chance to start fresh, the opportunities for getting cozy, and last but not least, the countdown to Christmas. It's the season where people begin their longing to hunker down while still having a strong desire to maximize those last beautiful days of the year while they still can. Nature's colors are enough to make anyone want autumn to last a lifetime. And while it's probably the shortest season of them all - the magic lies precisely in that hurried sensibility: take in every moment while you can because winter will be taking over before you know it. Those magnificent reds, oranges, greens and browns will fall to the ground and leave everything looking less than alive and feeling even less so.

The best way to experience autumn is to trek to a place that is dense in nature. To fully get a grasp of what fall really means, you need to see the trees, you need to smell the air, you need to go apple picking and pumpkin patching and have (spiked) hot tea by the fireplace. You need to have a spa day that overlooks insane mountain views and engage in pumpkin ale drinking at cocktail hour. You need to take scenic drives along the tree-scattered roads and hikes around a mild-distanced lake. Bonus points if you have a canine to play fetch with between all the aforementioned activities. That is my idea of perfection, what 's yours? Cheers to fall!

View from the Tappan Zee bridge, open road, fall road tripMe and Wallyface, mini aussie, australian sheperd, cuddlesFall colors, foliage, Upstate New York, on the road, New PaltzDressel Farms apple picking, bright blue skyDressel Farms flower pots, fall colorsApple Orchard at Dressel Farms in New Paltz, New YorkApple cider donut among red apples, fall perfectionApple Orchard, Dressel Farms, New Paltz, Upstate New YorkApple Picking, orchard, fall activityFrom where I stand, Apple Cider donut, Vince toe ring sandals, Refind Denim cutoffsCrazy mountain views, nature, Upstate New York, apple picking at Dressel Farms, beautiful fall day, autumnGolden delicious apple tree, fall, bright blue skiesAlways eating the apples while apple picking, T by Alexander Wang silk tee, Raen Arkin sunglassesHanging out in the apple orchardBountiful apple tree full of macoun apples, Dressel Farms orchard, New PaltzT by Alexander wang peach silk top, Refind Denim cutoffs from vintage Levis, Vince silver toe ring sandals, Raen Arkin sunglassesWally, #Wallyface the mini aussie, miniature australian shepherd playing frisbee, nature, Mohonk PreservePlaying with Wally, #wallyface, upstate New York, Nature, Mohonk Preserve.jpgPlaying fetch with a frisbee with Wally, fall Upstate New York at the cottageBeautiful view of the Shawangunk Mountains from Mohonk Mountain House, Upstate New York, Nature, fall colors, autumnCrisp fall night fireplace, cozy evening at the cottageMornings in Mohonk, sipping on coffee outside, great outdoors, relaxing weekend Upstate, Raen Arkin sunglassesBeautiful Mohonk Lake at Mohonk Mountain House, state preserve, nature, fall colors, fall foliage, refelctionsMohonk happy hour and snacks, chips & salsa, Mother's Milk stout, relaxing at the cottageHanging out om the porch at the cottage, relaxing Sauvignon Blanc, RIOT sweatshirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs silk pants, Gap snake embossed slip-on sneakersR&R at the Mohonk Mountain House spa, post massage, health & wellness, Elle MagazineBlue Moon harvest pumpkin ale, seasonal beer, view of the Shawangunk mountains, fall colors, beautiful foliage, Mohonk Mountain HouseHappy Hour at Mohonk Mountain House, Ann Taylor knit, vintage Seiko watch, Raen Arkin SunglassesSelfie at Mohonk Mountain house, bare face, green eyes, R&R.lpg


Unknown said...

Awesome pics!
you look great!

Jeanne said...

Lovely pictures Hélène! Seems like you've spent some amazingly relaxing moments! I need a similar pair of sunnies in my lufe!!

Samantha Mariko said...

apple picking looks so fun! thats something I've never done before but have always wanted to do (i love apples!) I love the denim in the first photo- I'm going to have to check out Frame denim :) glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Tidbits said...

super cute pictures of your dog!!! :)
Lemme tell you I'm so happy that it is going to be warming up in Australia, totes had enough of Fall/Winter. Keep warm!

Unknown said...

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures...they are so full of life and true it! I must admit that I never understood why people would like autumn...until this year that is. Weirdly enough, becoming a fashion blogger has opened my eyes to a whole different side of beauty, and you are describing it exactly like I finally see it. Gosh...I wanna print off your aticle and hang it on the wall! It is that amazing!!

Jasmin xx

LanasArtStudio said...

Hi Helene! I like the graphic effect you used on this post with a varieties of colors!I like the blue eyes poppy ... such a beautiful companion!

Pins, Needles & Fashion said...

I love those sneakers!! and apple/pumpkin picking is always one of my favorite things to do during fall.

Pins, Needles & Fashion

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Oh, I adore the picture of dogster and you! So sweet! :) I think when it comes to autumn and winter, the only kind I truly dislike is when it rains heavily... I think it's the most horrible thing to have showers in winter... :( Apart from that, I love it. Love the autumn of all sorts and absolutely adore the snow in winter, especially in the Uk when it never gets colder than -10C. My dogster loves it, too - snowy days are his absolute favourite. :)

Unknown said...

You look very beautiful, very natural ! Fall is also my favorite season, and seeing your pics doesn't make me want to be in winter, and yet I quite like this season, unlike you :)

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Ohhhhhhh HÉLÈNE this post is so American, it's making me long for something I've never experienced. I always imagined Autumn is so much better in the US. Exactly how you've described the nature and the scene around the fireplace is exactly how I envision 'Fall' and I'm jealous that it's on your doorstep! Maybe I watch too much American stuff though haha

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

Stardust said...

I love the photos! so much nature :)

(IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

ALLIE NYC said...

Oh man can I say how jelly I am. God this looks soooo relaxing! And those sneakers I just may have to get me a pair of those. Bloody nice.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Anshul Bhargava said...

Oomgosh Helene!! I am so so envious of you!!! Ahhh..that's exactly what I need in my life!!! Those moments plucking fruits, enjoying some salsa dip with nachos etc!! Gosh you're like making me so so hungry!! :p

Unknown said...

So lovely!!

Seems like you had lots of fund! and your dog is so cute too!!


katherine lou said...

Beautiful photos and love the post! I've always wanted to live in a place that had all four seasons. Currently, I live in a place where it's one season all year round and it can get quite boring but I can't complain!

Unknown said...

Awesome pics !

SprinklesofStyle said...

All these photos are absolutely beautiful!!! Gorgeous - looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

Layla x

Samswardrobe said...

Beautiful pictures! Just looks so relaxed and perfect!