Fashion Over Reason: Travel One-Way

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Travel One-Way

fashion over reason travel style, white J.Crew coat, black Nike Free Run sneakers, Zara sip leggings, messy blond hair, VSCO Cam

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was away for a few days last week and over the weekend. We drove down to Canada for a wedding, and I gotta say, I love road trips, especially during this time of year when the foliage is hitting its sweet spot. When you're slated to be sitting in a car for nearly 10 hours, rummaging through your closet for something comfortable enough to wear for such a lengthy period of time without looking like you've just rolled out of bed can be a bit of a challenge. Because, yes, along with the prolonged driving came a nice rise around 5:30. Did I mention that I am NOT a morning person?

Nevertheless, it's important to remain somewhat sartorially composed. The trick is obviously to have your trip clothes ready for action the night before. If you're gonna do a legging, skip the spandex yoga pant and go for a stretchy material that is less gym-centric, like a thick cotton variation with a cool zip along the leg, as I've done here.

On the top is my favorite sweater, an oversized cashmere polo knit stolen borrowed from my husband for that perfect casual comfort, which still gave me a bit of a luxurious while I belted out my best Lady Gaga in the co-pilot seat (my poor tender half, what a patient man). Finally, let's all count our lucky stars for sneakers having a chic moment, and all you need to seal the deal is some form of striking outerwear.

fashion over reason road trip, Target Watertown, travel style, J.Crew white tuxedo coat, Nike Free Run
Coat - J.Crew (similar vibe)
Sweater - Ralph Lauren Purple Label (similar)
Leggings - Zara (same vibe)
Sneakers - Nike

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Natalia Bosch said...

Love it,


Samantha Mariko said...

love the coat and nikes! Hoping to visit Canada one day, I have a friend who just moved there from Japan! I'm sure the wedding was beautiful!

behindmyheels said...

Great outfit! That jacket is amazing!!

jennifer said...

your shoes are so cool !!!

Shauna said...

I am seriously diggin this coat!!-xo


ALLIE NYC said...

That is great coat, I want to get an unstructured coat like this. White is tough though, but looks sooooo good on you! Love this look. Yep we'll firm up closer to the 6th.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Iole Giordano said...

Stylish look, the white coat is really good, love its simple details. Your sneakers are so cool!!! I need new sneakers.

Unknown said...

Dudette you look stunning! Monochrome, cashmere and Nikes are an explosive combination! And the backdrop, again, is 100% to my liking. So quintessentially American. LOOOOVE! :D

Jasmin xx