Fashion Over Reason: Coffee Break

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Coffee Break

Fashion Over Reason Frame Denim, JCrew loafers, Altuzarra x Target blouse, Coach bag, Ray-Ban aviators

My British readers will want to throw rocks at me (sorry!!) for saying this, but I don't care much for tea. There, I said it. Not that I dislike it per se, but it just doesn't do it for me. Mornings must greet me with a bucket of extra strong drip coffee (no flimsy espresso for this gal) and if I need an afternoon pick-me-up, I will choose the latter. When I'm sick, I enjoy a nice herbal tea, but other than that, I just don't derive much pleasure from imbibing an earl gray or orange pekoe.

That said, the ritual of a coffee (or tea) break is one of those necessary components to the day. It allows your mind to recharge, you can think of something other than work for 15 minutes and, above all, the fact that you're taking time for yourself, if only a teensy bit, is of utmost importance. So whether you like the dark stuff or the leafy liquid, or even just a good ol' fashioned juice, make sure you squeeze in a short amount of selfish time on the daily.

PS this is one of the blouses from the Altuzarra X Target collection. I kinda love it. Did you guys get anything from that collaboration?

Fashion Over Reason Frame Denim, Altuzarra x Target blouse, Coach bag, Brooklyn New York, On the streetFashion Over Reason Frame Denim, ASOS leather jacket, Altuzarra x Target blouse, Coach bag, Ray-Ban aviatorsFashion Over Reason JCrew loafers, Frame denim, Coach bagFashion Over Reason Frame Denim, JCrew loafers, Altuzarra x Target blouse, Coach bag, Ray-Ban aviators, Brooklyn streetsFashion Over Reason Frame Denim, JCrew loafers, Altuzarra x Target blouse, Coach bag, Ray-Ban aviators, chillin in Brooklyn New York
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Blouse - Altuzarra X Target (similar vibe)
Jeans - Frame Denim
Shoes - J.Crew (similar)
Bag - Coach (similar)
Leather jacket - ASOS
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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Chrissabella said...

This pics are so cool and I really regret not picking up this blouse, it looks superb on you!

Kisses from a loose green tea lover,

Unknown said...

Love this look, the jeans are perfect and I love this preppy style


Natalia Bosch said...

Great fall outfit.

lots of love.

Unknown said...

Love this!

Emma | With A City Dream


i love everything about this outfit

Jeanne said...

Stunning outfit! So cool and inspiring!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

A lot of Brits prefer coffee, too... :) Personally, I switch between coffee, green tea, black tea (Russian habit) and white tea (British habit) :) I think Brits would be more upset about the gorgeous weather on these photos - it's so so so cold here right now! x

Bianca Nieves said...

Love the top!
Not so fond of coffee though... nor tea! xx

Unknown said...

I love this look, so chic and polished! And you have an amazing photographer! I love how he captured the street style look so impeccably well! :) xo~ Lena

jennifer said...

Nice outfit and nice hair :)

Shauna said...

Classy & chic all the way :) -xx