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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

FOR Gear

Fashion Over Reason Tuques on Bow & Drape, FOR beanies, swag, #FORlid #FORgear

Quick program interruption to let you know that you can now wear the FOR colors right on your person! Stay warm this winter with a super cute beanie, available in 4 colors: black, charcoal, light grey and white. Look how cute.

If you get your beanie, post it to Instagram and include the hashtags #FORlid #FORgear. And don't forget to tag me @heleneisfor! You just might be featured on my feed... xxxx

Click here to get yours.

FORlid, Fashion Over Reason tuque - white, FOR beanie, FORgear, NYC

Bottom photo by Yael Steren

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Unknown said...

Love the hat! And the wording too, definitely a winner ;) xo~ Lena