Fashion Over Reason: Miami Art Basel 2014 - Day 1

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Miami Art Basel 2014 - Day 1

Fashion over reason in Miami, Raen Arkin sunglasses, COS t-shirt, Refind Denim cutoffs, vintage Levi's, ocean, clear blue water, Miami Beach

If you follow me on instagram, which you should (click here to do so), you know that I was in Miami last weekend for Art Basel, one of the world's best art fairs. Not only because it's located in a really warm locale and takes place in december, but because it's a congregation of cool kids and art enthusiasts eager to take in an environment where fashion and art collide.

This is my second time at Basel (you can check out last year's fun by clicking here) and I'm so happy I went again. There are always new things to see, great pop-up shops to discover, endless galleries to scope out and, in true Miami form, a bananas nightlife. The streets are just alive with people roaming them at all hours of the day, into the wee morning.

So if you have a mild interest in fashion, which I'm assuming you do since you're visiting this blog, then I presume that art also sparks a little something in you? What's really great about Art Basel is that the art seen here is divided between indoor galleries and outdoor street art, which makes for such a broad spectrum of variety. Not only is there something for everyone, but it's everywhere you look, every place you go. It's literally inescapable.

There's nothing quite like getting off a plane from a cold place and stepping outside to hot air and sunshine. The photo above is from my girl friend Lisa's apartment. Breathing in that salty air and feeling the warm breeze while staring off into the horizon and the aqua blue water is nothing short of the best welcome a girl could want. I invite you to follow along as I roll out the pictures from my Art Basel adventures, which I'm breaking down on a day-to-day basis.

Here's some of what I got up to on day 1 one of my trip.

Fashion Over Reason in Miami, Art Basel 2014, Terry O'neill photography gallery, Brigitte Bardot lifesize street art, Wynwood, MiamiFashion Over Reason Art Basel 2014 MBAB, Lulu LaboratoriumFashion Over Reason at Miami Art Basel 2014 MBAB, Karl Lagerfeld quoteFashion Over Reason at Miami Art Basel 2014 MBAB at Lulu Laboratorium, street artFashion Over Reason at Miami Art Basel 2014 MBAB, gold skeletonFashion Over Reason at Miami Art Basel 2014 MBAB, street art, love is a risk do it anyway by Renda WriterRenda Writer street art in Miami Art Basel 2014, Love is a Risk do it anywayMBAB 2014, Miami Beach Art Basel 2014, shadow dollFashion Over Reason at Miami Art Basel 2014 MBAB, what I wore, wall street art by Renda Writer, Love is a risk do it anywayElton John painting at Miami Art BaselFashion Over Reason at Miami Art Basel 2014 MBAB, Lagniappe wine bar


Jeanne said...

Very cool post!I love your outfits!And your pictures of the City of course!

Le de Sociale said...

Would love to be at the art basel and great chic outfit for such a cool art vibe. What were you favourite pieces/highlights from this year?

x D x said...

How amazing does Miami look! Cant wait to go there next year!

Eye See Euphoria said...

You look great. Thanks for sharing.

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