Fashion Over Reason: January 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Surviving Winter

Fashion Over Reason surving winter in a Woolrich coat, Ray-Ban Lennon sunglasses

Ok, so now that we've all survived the super mega epic blizzard of the northeast, we can all go back to just going through the motions of winter. I have a few feelings about the cold season: I hate it. No, actually, I loathe it. I can't stand being cold, the very thought of shivering makes me uncomfortable and having to pile on thousands of uncute layers is enough to make me want to hibernate until the sun rays melt all the snow away.

That said, winter is a part of my life, and has been for the entire lifetime I've spent on this earth (I'll spare you the specific amount of years) and it's inevitably -- and forcefully -- something that I've just learned to deal with as time went on. Hailing from the Great White North, you have to make do because winter is the longest and most painful season of all.

In New York City, winter is on the frigid side, but, all in all, pretty tolerable in comparison to my motherland. You can get away with wearing normal footwear, as opposed to big galoshes like I am in these photos. You can rotate your outerwear, ranging from moto bomber to fur coat to the occasional parka. The cold fronts never last too long and, more importantly, the snowflakes that fall from the sky once in a while never stay on the ground for very long.

These photos were from the holidays in Canada. But they very well could have been taken anywhere in the northeast post-Juno. So, this is how I survive winters: I just deal with it while complaining and over indexing on bundling up.

Fashion Over Reason surving winter in a Woolrich coat and Sorel boots, Ray-Ban Lennon sunglasses
Parka - Woolrich
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Sorel
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Scarf - H&M

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Silhouettes and Proportions

Fashion Over Reason, Ann Taylor oversized knit, Brooklyn New York, nighttime shoot, messy bob

If there's one thing I have a soft spot for when it comes to fashion and style is having fun with interesting and unexpected proportions. Untraditional ways of putting together different shapes can take your look to the next level without having to put any extra effort into it. The way you pair your garments can alter your silhouette as a whole, and can be an very clever strategy to stand out in a good way.

We've seen it in recent years with the rise of the oversized, and more specifically with items like culottes and boxy construction, embodied by style icons like the Olsens, which they trickle down brilliantly into their luxe line The Row. The wonderful Camille from COTR also has a stellar touch when it comes to balancing clothing ratio. Another expert at this is Jayne from Stop it Right Now (side note: major #girlcrush). There are a ton of other example I could cite, but this gives you an idea of what I'm talking about.

To strike that perfect equilibrium while piling on the layers, the goal is to evoke something offsetting, but to channel a polished, nonchalant essence. It's about mixing unexpected pieces, fits and cuts that look surprisingly completely cool together. Think hemlines, heel and ankle heights on shoes, the absence of tailoring, overindexing on tailoring, exaggerated forms, etc.

I attribute my penchant for proportion play to my disdain for the ordinary. I hate seeing things over and over again, repeated by legions because of something's it factor. I like to veer from the norm and find interest in things that are much more surprising. That goes for everything, but it particularly applies to style.

Suno poncho, Topshop dress, Pour la Victoire booties, Cowboysbag black leather toteAnn Taylor open knit turtleneck, Topshop dressAnn Taylor turtleneck, Topshop dress, Pour la Victoire booties, Cowboysbag, blond bob, messy hairSuno poncho, messy blond hair, blonde bob, Ann Taylor turtleneckAnn Taylor open slit turtleneck, oversized knit, messy blond hair, Topshop green maxi dress, Park Slope, BrooklynAnn Taylor turtleneck, Topshop midi dress, Pour la Victoire booties, Cowboysbag, messy hair, shoulder bob, nighttime shoot in Park Slop, Brooklyn, New YorkFashion Over Reason night shoot, Brooklyn NYC, Ann Taylor knitBrooklyn streets, Suno Poncho, Ann Taylor turtleneck knit, nighttime shootAnn Taylor oversized turtleneck, Topshop dress, Cowboysbag black leather bag, messy blond bob, short hair, blonde, nighttime shoot, Brooklyn New York, Fashion Over Reason
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Knit - Ann Taylor
Dress - Topshop
Poncho - Suno
Booties - Pour la Victoire
Bag - Cowboysbag

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Few Details

I haven't had a chance to blog much this week cause I've been traveling for work (find out where here), but I thought I'd share just a few detail shots of things that I'm feeling these days. Obvi, follow me on instagram if you want to keep up more regularly with my shenanigans and other daily sensibilities... But for now, let's get to it. Here are three things that I've either been wasting time thinking too much about or that I've been entrenched with as of late.

Little trinkets, Garance Dore illustration, John Derian letter plate, finish the outfit letter, vintage jade elephant chain
I'm lucky to live just a few blocks from Catbird (I know, I know), which actually makes it really difficult not to blow my entire bank account in the store every single day. But aside from their vast selection of super pretty jewels, they also carry the cutest little trinkets you didn't even know you needed until you go there and decide that you can no longer live another day without that particular lip salve (wait, what? Yes.).

Catbird is also one of my go-tos for cards. Any sort of card, really: thank you, welcome baby, I love you, congrats on your wedding, sorry not sorry, happy birthday, you name it. When the card actually serves no precise purpose but has an irresistible illustration on its cover, I still buy it and I keep it for myself. I like to frame them and hang them up on the wall. Improvised wall art, if you will. Anyway, all this nonsense just to say that when I popped in there the other day to pick up a birthday card for my dad when this Garance Doré print was screaming at me to be taken home. Naturally, I obliged.

The letter plate is from the magical land of John Derian and it was a wedding present. I adore it and have been debating forever now if whether I want to keep is on its back or find some sort of fixture to hang it on the wall. Still pondering the issue... Inside the plate is another H letter, this one being another gift from my dear friend Stephanie, which is a charm for a necklace. As for the jade elephant chain, that's one of my dearest pieces of jewelry, a gift from my grandmother.

Fashion Over Reason denim details, Alternative Apparel camo tee, Nasty Gal high waisted denim
I've really been into high-waisted denim as of late. I've always been a fan of the high rise style and have forever appreciated it on others, but I just wasn't particularly fond of wearing it because I didn't think it was flattering for my body shape: square (aka thick waist). But it appears that I've had a change of heart and can't get enough of these Nasty Gal jeans. Along with this camo tee that I picked up in Miami this past December, the softest top I own, no joke. I wear it every day. And the Vans in the back, of course

Fashion Over Reason shaggy hair, messy bob, blonde, bedhead
And finally, my hair. You see, I have this weird thing about my hair where I cut it only once or maybe twice a year. Which is why I keep it relatively short: my strategy for a good grow-out scenario, which leads to avoiding the scissors for a while. It's also no secret that I like my hair to be a big ol' mess, but it's naturally very (read: extremely) pin straight and it takes a lot of plotting for it to reach the texture I consider to be ideal. Well, this is it, friends: pretty much my ideal length, ideal color and ideal style.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Not So Classic

Fashion Over Reason makeup check

There are certain items that are considered to be timeless classics in the fashion world. Blue jeans, crisp white shirts, black pumps, the LBD and, yes, the trench coat. While the latter khaki-hued piece of outerwear is indeed a great staple to have in your closet -- every woman should own one, given that it's a flattering silhouette on you -- that's not to say you can't also have fun with it.

I was super excited about this leather-sleeved iteration. I love little seasonal updates to keep things fresh. Additions like this provide your style with instant modernization without straying far from its core, tried and true sartorial identity. And golden hour on a crisp-but-not-frigid NYC evening awarded this type of gear the perfect setting.

A fun handkerchief tied around thy neck and I was all set.

Fashion Over Reason wearing Ann Taylor leather trench, J Brand jeans, Alexander Wang Anouk boots, Bottega Veneta intrecciato crossbody bag, Ray-Ban WayfersGolden hour, Ann Taylor leather trench coat, Liberty of London scarf, Ray-Ban WayfarersAnn Taylor leather sleeved trench coat, Liberty of London silk scarf, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Meatpacking District, NYCFashion Over Reason wearing Ann Taylor leather trench, J Brand jeans, Alexander Wang Anouk boots, Bottega Veneta intrecciato crossbody bag, Ray-Ban Wayfers, in the Meatpacking District, NYCAnn Taylor leather trim trench coat, Saint Laurent arty ring, Bottega Veneta intrecciato bagAnn Taylor leather trim trench coat, Bottega Veneta intrecciato leather crossbody bag, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, J Brand jeans, NYCFashion Over Reason wearing Ann Taylor leather trench, J Brand jeans, Alexander Wang Anouk boots, Bottega Veneta intrecciato crossbody bag, Ray-Ban Wayfers, Meatpacking District, New York CityFashion Over Reason in NYC, golden hour, Liberty London silk scarf
Photos by Ian Rusiana

Trench - Ann Taylor
Jeans - J Brand
Boots - Alexander Wang
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Scarf - Liberty of London
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Nails - 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life's a Beach

Miami Beach, South Beach, ocean, aqua blue water

What's a trip to Miami without a beach day?! Nothing, that's what. It's become a little tradition to end the week with some well-deserved, much needed time on the sand, soaking up the sun and frolicking in the waves (sort of). So we gathered a group together and headed for the beautiful shore of Miami Beach. Such a treat.

I didn't actually achieve my goal of getting any color on my skin, as I'm kind of a hopeless case, but we did have loads of fun doing all sorts of things. Besides laying out and not really moving for a couple of hours, we managed to get a pretty spectacular synchronized jump with some significant air, as you can see below.

My friends, who are all really into yoga -- not exactly my bag -- kept doing all kinds of crazy poses and freezes with one another while I was busy imbibing the rays. They suddenly beckoned for me to join them... They had a move that we could all do together, apparently. I promptly assured them that I had no business doing any kind of partner posing or stretching, as I would probably throw out my back or sustain some other kind of ridiculously embarrassing injury. They insisted, I obliged, and in the end surprised myself, as there I was, the last addition to the "handstand pyramid" as they aptly named it. See below for living proof.

So there you have it, this concludes the sunny Miami posts and, we can now go back to more seasonally-apporopriate programming. I hope you loved reading about Art Basel as much as enjoyed attending it and preparing this series of posts.

For everything art basel, click here to see all of my blog posts or visit my Basel Pinterest board.

Fashion Over Reason at the beach in South Beach, Miami Beach, Miami, Nasty Gal bikini, Raen Arkin sunglassesYoga poses on the beach in Miami, fun in the sun, endless sumerFashion Over Reason, Miami Beach, South Beach, Nasty Gal bikini, ocean, beach frolicFashion Over Reason in South Beach, Nasty Gal bikini, waves, Miami Beach, fun in the sunBeach bums, group jump, South Beach, Miami, fun in the sun, friendsEndless ocean horizon, Miami Beach, Nasty Gal bikini, Nastygalsdoitbetter, fun in the sunRiding the waves in Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami, Basty Gal bikiniTaking in the waves, Nasty Gal bikini, Miami, South Beach, fun in the sunFashion Over Reason, South Beach, Miami, Nasty Gal bikini, Raen Arkin sunglasses, endless summer, beach vacation, fun in the sunBeach bums, group jump, South Beach, Miami, sand, waves, ocean, friends
My bikini is from Nasty Gal

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Sunshine Never Ends in South Florida

Fashion Over Reason in Wynwood, Miami, Raen Arkin sunglasses, Ann Taylor blouse, Gap denim cutoff skirt, H&M slides, Zara clutch, street art mural, Wynwood Miami

If there's one thing that I could never get enough of while I was in Miami was that almost every day, we started off with a delicious açai bowl. The açai bowl has been something that I'd heard of forever, being a staple in the #eatclean circles of this world, as well as major Insta fodder for all the food trenders out there. But I had never tried it. I don't typically frequent the type of places that would make them in NYC, however, they appear to be a more common offering in the city where to heat is on.

Well, I finally got a chance to try one. It did not disappoint. In fact, the açai bowls were so delicious that my girl Lisa was on a mission to take me to all of her favorite haunts that made a mean dish out of the miracle frozen berry. It made for the perfect start to each day, truly. Naturally, on my last full day in Miami, we took one final ride to Wynwood, made a pitstop at Jugofresh (absolutely head there if you make it to Miami), and then it was off to the BEACH!!

But before I share the photos from our fun beach day, here's what I wore to attend our beach day (bikini as underpinnings). Easy on, easy off, still city appropriate, and that paisley shirt made for the ideal cover-up on the sand.

Fashion Over Reason in Wynwood, Miami, street art mural, Ann Taylor paisley blouse, Gap cutoff skirtFashion Over Reason in Wynwood, Miami, Raen Arkin sunglasses, Ann Taylor blouse, Gap denim cutoff skirt, H&M slides, Zara clutch, street art mural
Blouse - Ann Taylor
Skirt - Gap (diy cutoff)
Sandals - H&M
Sunglasses - Raen
Clutch - Zara

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Miami Art Basel 2014 - Day 4, Part 2

Fashion Over Reason in Miami, South Beach, Levi's cutoffs, Loeffler Randall sandals, Zara clutch, COS silk top

It's hard not to fall for the appeal of year-round sunshine when you're blessed with this type of weather all the time. Every day of my trip was the most beautiful day. It may have rained a few times, but nothing lasting longer than ten minutes. Le sigh.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we spent our Saturday in South Beach at Scope, which happened to be conveniently located directly on the water. After a delicious lunch of açai bowls (it's the Miami way), we made our way over and had to document the route, of course.

In conclusion, I could never get sick of this weather. Especially if I got to wear denim cutoffs and free-flowing silk tops every day.

Miami Beach palm trees, Florida sunshineFashion Over Reason at Miami Beach Art Basel, South BeachPalm trees in South Beach MiamiFashion Over Reason and Lisa Tam from MIMO Market Miami, chillin in South Beach, COS silk blouse, Levi's vintage denim cutoffs, Loeffler Randall sandalsFashion Over Reason and Lisa Tam from MIMO Market Miami, chillin in South Beach, COS silk blouse, Levi's vintage denim cutoffsFashion Over Reason and Lisa Tam from MIMO Market Miami, chillin in South Beach, COS silk blouse, Levi's vintage denim cutoffs, Florida sunshineSouth Beach palm trees, Miami
Outfit details:
Silk top - COS
Shorts - Levi's by Refind Denim
Sandals - Loeffler Randall
Clutch - Zara
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Miami Art Basel 2014 - Day 4, Part 1

Miami Beach, South Beach palm trees, blue skies, outside Scope Gallery MBAB 2014

If you thought I was done with the Art Basel posts, think again. There's just no way that I could possibly skip over what was one of the greatest art exhibits I've ever had the privilege to peruse, the Scope art show. You see, during Art Basel, there are pop-up galleries literally in every nook and cranny of the city. Some of them have an entrance fee, others are just great spaces to showcase pieces by more obscure artists who want whomever is interested to stumble in and take a glance.

The latter is super fun because no matter where you find yourself in the city, you can pretty much wander in anywhere and discover some great stuff. When it comes to the former, if you are attending Art Basel as an appreciator of the arts as opposed to a buyer, choosing which paying tents to go into is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly.

When you're headed to a museum, you've select that particual one because there is something that interests you in it, right? Same goes in this case. Art Basel's show spaces are occupied by different types of artists and galleries from all over the world and they tend to be grouped by genre, which means that deciding on where you're going to spend your hard earned coin becomes super important. (Especially since you're not spending it on the actual art.)

With that in mind, my friends and I decided it was imperative for us to check out the Scope art show because of its abundance in young artists and contemporary street art and installations. It was a giant exhibition space that took hours to go through. We couldn't get enough. Every piece was more amazing than the next. We pretty much spent our entire Saturday afternoon taking things in at Scope and below you can see some of the day's favorite pieces. Just roll over the photos for the Artist info. Enjoy!

And if you're hungry for more art but have missed my previous Art Basel blogs, click here to see it all.

Kate Moss Art piece at MBAB 2014 at Scop Gallery, Art BaselWe are all made of stardust, Scope Gallery at Miami Beach Art Basel 2014Marylin Portrait by Russell Young, Marilyn Monroe at Scope Gallery in Miami Beach Art Basel 2014 All you Need Is Love by Keith Haynes at MBAB 2014, Art Basel, Scope Gallery Kazuhiro Tsuji giant Salvador Dali sculpture at Scope Gallery in Miami Beach Art BaselSelfie opp at Scope art show, Miami Beach Art BaselDistorx Skull MBAB 2014 by Carl CashmanTopographical Facial Series made from screws by Andrew Myers at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, sold separatelyTopographical Facial Series made from screws by Andrew Myers at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, sold separately, detail viewTopographical Facial Series made from screws by Andrew Myers at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, sold separately, detail view Pieces by Ron English at Miami Art Basel 2014Amigo Totem, repurposed paint cans by Alex Yanes at the Joseph Gross Gallery, MBAB 2014, Miami Beach Art Basel, Scope Gallery45 Reasons by Chris Bracey at Scope Art Show Miami Beach Art Basel 2014Rubber ducks inside plexiglass titled Robber Duck by TP Hardisty, Scope Gallery, MBAB 2014, Miami Beach Art BaselThis too won't last, Miami Beach Art Basel, Scope GalleryI'm A Muthafuckinhustla skaeboards at Scope Gallery, MBAB 2014 by David McCauleyJimi Hendrix by Sebastian Wahl at Miami Beach Art Basel 2014, Scope Gallery Money floor from Rare Gallery at Scope Art Show, MBAB 2104, Loeffler Randall sandalsMark Jenkins piece at Scope Art Show Miami Beach Art Basel 2014Mark Jenkins painter piece at Scope Art Show Miami Beach Art Basel 2014 We run to the Pattern by Jihyun Jung at Scope Gallery at Miami Beach Art BAsel 2014, MBABCan I Get a Witness by Nafis White, Scope Art Show Miami Beach Art Basel 2014MBAB 2014 art piece Upbringing repurposed 1960s media cabinet by Alex Yanes at the Joseph Gross GalleryMoney Burger by Joe King, mixed media sculpture, Miami Beach Art BaselMartin Whatson at Scope Art Show Miami Beach Art Basel 2014 from Blackbook galleryThalassa by the sea at Scope, in Miami by Swoon StudioMBAB 2014 Frost by Barnardi Roig, Art BaselMarylin Monroe by Jochen Holler at Miami Art Basel 2014
Photos by me and Lisa Tam