Fashion Over Reason: A Few Details

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Few Details

I haven't had a chance to blog much this week cause I've been traveling for work (find out where here), but I thought I'd share just a few detail shots of things that I'm feeling these days. Obvi, follow me on instagram if you want to keep up more regularly with my shenanigans and other daily sensibilities... But for now, let's get to it. Here are three things that I've either been wasting time thinking too much about or that I've been entrenched with as of late.

Little trinkets, Garance Dore illustration, John Derian letter plate, finish the outfit letter, vintage jade elephant chain
I'm lucky to live just a few blocks from Catbird (I know, I know), which actually makes it really difficult not to blow my entire bank account in the store every single day. But aside from their vast selection of super pretty jewels, they also carry the cutest little trinkets you didn't even know you needed until you go there and decide that you can no longer live another day without that particular lip salve (wait, what? Yes.).

Catbird is also one of my go-tos for cards. Any sort of card, really: thank you, welcome baby, I love you, congrats on your wedding, sorry not sorry, happy birthday, you name it. When the card actually serves no precise purpose but has an irresistible illustration on its cover, I still buy it and I keep it for myself. I like to frame them and hang them up on the wall. Improvised wall art, if you will. Anyway, all this nonsense just to say that when I popped in there the other day to pick up a birthday card for my dad when this Garance Doré print was screaming at me to be taken home. Naturally, I obliged.

The letter plate is from the magical land of John Derian and it was a wedding present. I adore it and have been debating forever now if whether I want to keep is on its back or find some sort of fixture to hang it on the wall. Still pondering the issue... Inside the plate is another H letter, this one being another gift from my dear friend Stephanie, which is a charm for a necklace. As for the jade elephant chain, that's one of my dearest pieces of jewelry, a gift from my grandmother.

Fashion Over Reason denim details, Alternative Apparel camo tee, Nasty Gal high waisted denim
I've really been into high-waisted denim as of late. I've always been a fan of the high rise style and have forever appreciated it on others, but I just wasn't particularly fond of wearing it because I didn't think it was flattering for my body shape: square (aka thick waist). But it appears that I've had a change of heart and can't get enough of these Nasty Gal jeans. Along with this camo tee that I picked up in Miami this past December, the softest top I own, no joke. I wear it every day. And the Vans in the back, of course

Fashion Over Reason shaggy hair, messy bob, blonde, bedhead
And finally, my hair. You see, I have this weird thing about my hair where I cut it only once or maybe twice a year. Which is why I keep it relatively short: my strategy for a good grow-out scenario, which leads to avoiding the scissors for a while. It's also no secret that I like my hair to be a big ol' mess, but it's naturally very (read: extremely) pin straight and it takes a lot of plotting for it to reach the texture I consider to be ideal. Well, this is it, friends: pretty much my ideal length, ideal color and ideal style.


Unknown said...

Love the illustration and your style. :)

Unknown said...

So how do you get it from pin straight to textured like that? Because I love it!!! Can you share what products and styling tools you use and your method?!?!? thanks!!! xo yael