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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life's a Beach

Miami Beach, South Beach, ocean, aqua blue water

What's a trip to Miami without a beach day?! Nothing, that's what. It's become a little tradition to end the week with some well-deserved, much needed time on the sand, soaking up the sun and frolicking in the waves (sort of). So we gathered a group together and headed for the beautiful shore of Miami Beach. Such a treat.

I didn't actually achieve my goal of getting any color on my skin, as I'm kind of a hopeless case, but we did have loads of fun doing all sorts of things. Besides laying out and not really moving for a couple of hours, we managed to get a pretty spectacular synchronized jump with some significant air, as you can see below.

My friends, who are all really into yoga -- not exactly my bag -- kept doing all kinds of crazy poses and freezes with one another while I was busy imbibing the rays. They suddenly beckoned for me to join them... They had a move that we could all do together, apparently. I promptly assured them that I had no business doing any kind of partner posing or stretching, as I would probably throw out my back or sustain some other kind of ridiculously embarrassing injury. They insisted, I obliged, and in the end surprised myself, as there I was, the last addition to the "handstand pyramid" as they aptly named it. See below for living proof.

So there you have it, this concludes the sunny Miami posts and, we can now go back to more seasonally-apporopriate programming. I hope you loved reading about Art Basel as much as enjoyed attending it and preparing this series of posts.

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My bikini is from Nasty Gal


Samantha Mariko said...

These are beautiful!! I miss the ocean, even though I don't swim haha just sunbathe. I wish I could do crazy yoga poses at the beach.. how awesome. I recently just changed the name and theme of my blog, hope you can check it out :)

Jeanne said...

Wow! Dreamy pictures Hélène! You look amazing!

Unknown said...

This looks so amazing! Wish I can be there by the beach taking in some natural sunlight! Ah so fun!! :) xo~ Lena

Natalia Bosch said...

So fun, love the pictures.

Lots of love.

CM said...

Wow, amazing photos! This place is really peaceful!
Nice blog (:

Shauna said...

Gosh, SUCH beautiful pictures!! Looks like a great time :)


katherine lou said...

These are beautiful photos especially since I love the beach! I need to start doing yoga! I've been meaning to for awhile now!

Melissa said...

These pictures are amazing! I so wish I was on a beach right now instead of this NYC cold. :-)



Rin Handika said...

Omg, all the pictures makes me want ot go to the beach, why its looks so blue I really love all te pict esp when you did a yoga pose! :))

Lux G. said...

amazing shots! make me miss the beach right now. :/

Unknown said...

Ahh...I'm so jealous! I haven't seen the sun in ages! I love hanging by the beach! It's literally the best thing in the world...although I'm dead scared of the underwater world and would never even dip my feet in the water anymore..haha!

You look amazing btw! No need for yoga ;)

Jasmin xx

Unknown said...

Nice trip!!! Love beach and summer ;) Here its cold :(
Kisses from Spain.
Xoxo, P.

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ALLIE NYC said...

Oh man so jelly!! You look great and you look like you are having a blast too.