Fashion Over Reason: NYE

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Fashion Over Reason NYE nails, Deborah Lippmann's Moon Rendezvous nail polish

As I understand it, it can be frowned upon to fall for the January resolutions hoopla, but I'm here to say this: I personally am a slave to it. Allow me to state my point and then feel free to judge.

I absolutely love the symbolic opportunity that January brings us annually. While you could technically make resolutions every day if you wanted to, there's something about the first day of the year that feels like a true reset button. While I believe in being your best self every single day, I'm only human and fully concede that I sometimes often slip and omit living to the fullest. Getting caught up in distractions is only part of living and while giving your all should be enough, it's inevitable that sometimes we're not at our best.

That metaphoric way to "pass go" on the first of the year is a way to say out with the old and in with the new. It's a chance to reflect on what the past twelve months have brought and to dream about what the following twelve could generate. There's no greater joy provider than that of novel ideas and aspirations.

And there you go, that is why it is my personal belief that the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to give birth to new dreams. So In order to fully do that, I decided to take a few days off from blogging this week while I focused on other things, including ringing in the new year and nursing a hangover.

Speaking of new year's eve, here are some shots of my look and snippets of my evening - blue steel nails and tons of delicious food. Let me know how you welcomed 2015 down below! Happy new year everyone xx.

Fashion Over Reason NYE nails, Deborah Lippmann's Moon Rendezvous, Vogue magazine, Catbird NYC initial ring, VERAMEAT spine ringFashion Over Reason NYE party dress, New Year's eve, Zimmermann white lace dress, Stuart Weitzman booties Fashion Over Reason NYE party dress, New Year's eve, Zimmermann white lace dress, Stuart Weitzman booties, I'm so fancy, NARS LAPaz matte lipstick, YSL rouge volupté forbidden burgundy lipstickFashion Over Reason NYE party dress, New Year's eve, Zimmermann white lace dress, Stuart Weitzman bootiesNew year's eve feast, hors-d'oeuvres, cheese plateCheers and happy new year! Zimmermann white lace dress, dark burgundy lipstickNew year's eve feast, table setting, dinner party 2015New year's eve feast, table settingNYE festivities, happy new year 2015, party time
Dress - Zimmermann (similar)
Belt - Anthropologie
Boots - Stuart Weitzman
Lips - Mix of NARS La Paz & YSL Rouge Volupté Forbidden Burgundy
Earrings - BaubleBar

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Unknown said...

I love your outfit! It looks so sexy and I love the lip color. I do believe in resolutions... although I might not do them every year or finish them by the end of the year... I do try.
Xo, Belen
A Hint of Life

Unknown said...

Great photos! Love the look. Happy new year!



I write down 5 deep desires (That have chances to be true if I stay focussed, i mean i cannot desire "World peace" because is way over my circle of influence, sadly). And check it along the year How well i am doing about them. Last year , from 5, a made 4: (i share, Why not?) they were travel (i was for a Week in Miami with my daughter), i saw For The second time in my own Country, Sir Paul McCartney's gig in Montevideo, something Out of imagination, my daughter did great at university And, I bought a New Car!! Nothing to complain... I Must say I worked my brain out, But the Only wish couldn't make was too personal, affection, And doesn't depend completely On me so..That kind oh wishes I decided to remove from THE LIST. Hope you like the story, Thanks Helène!! Big hug !