Fashion Over Reason: Ann Taylor Girl

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ann Taylor Girl

You may already know this if you're a regular reader of this blog, or if you follow me on Instagram (you should, I have fun there!), but I often collaborate with Ann Taylor. I've been the lucky star of three of their Instagram campaigns (maybe you've randomly seen me in your feed as a promo?) and it's always such a pleasure to work with their awesome team.

I wanted to share three of the most recent shots that have appeared in their recent ads, because I am proud of them and because I believe that you might be interested in seeing -- and perhaps purchasing -- some of their pieces. Their basics are incredibly versatile and their quality is truly on point. Best of all, it's affordable and chic. Can't recommend their stuff enough.

We shot this on the streets of New York, as well as at an incredibly cool location called Cliqk in the middle of SoHo that is essentially a showroom/office space for a company that can makeover your nest to make it a smart home. Perfect place for a shoot, which was done by the talented Scott Furkay

Happy to be sharing these with you and hope you enjoy them!

Fashion Over Reason for Ann Taylor on the street in New York with Wallyface
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Fashion Over Reason for Ann Taylor at Clikq in NYC
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Fashion Over Reason for Ann Taylor, print mixing at Cliqk in NYC
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behindmyheels said...

These are amazing shots! The second one is stunning and my favorite!

Unknown said...'re such a beautiful thing! It's amazing that you get the chance to work with such a cool brand..I'm very happy for you! But then seeing how well the clothes fit you, and how appealing you present them it's no surprise that they chose you :) You're doing a damn fine job at selling the goods!

Jasmin xx

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! I really like the first outfit!


Sunstreetbymonica said...

These shots are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!:)

Le de Sociale said...

Love this collaboration! The last pic is my favourite. What is your favourite bit about representing the brand?