Fashion Over Reason: Call Me Penny Lane

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Call Me Penny Lane

Fashion Over Reason in NYC, vintage faux fur coat, J Brand Jeans, Love Story jeans, J.Crew chunky turtleneck, Ray-Ban Lennon sungalsses, SoHo New York City

We all have a decade that we hold dear to our hearts, fashionably speaking. That specific time period that you wish were able to have experienced, or that you could go back to should you encounter a magic genie. As for me, I am a fan of fashion's entire evolving scope and there isn't one particular decade that speaks to me more than the other. I tend to have phases for what I like, depending on the types of shapes we're seeing and what trends I'm feeling.

We've been seeing so much 70s-inspired clothes in recent seasons -- which showed no signs of stopping if you've been following fashion month -- and, naturally, my eye and vibe has only been gravitating towards it. Bell bottoms, earthy tones, lots of suede, high waists, round sunglasses and tall boots. I'm feeling all of it.

I like to think that if you weren't able to see any cars in these photos, that they could actually be straight out of the mean streets of New York in the early seventies, amiright? There I am, just gallivanting about the Soho cobblestones, heading to my friend's band practice in their spacious artist's loft. I might even smell a little bit like patchouli. Just kidding. But isn't it fun to fantasize?

Fashion Over Reason in SoHo, NYCSoho graffiti wall, NYC, Fashion Over Reason Ray-Ban Lennon sunglasses, vintage faux fur coatMiddle of Broadway in SoHo, Fashion Over Reason, Helene Heath, J Brand JeansRay-Ban Lennon sunglasses, in motion, street styleFashion Over Reason in New York City, SoHo streets, bell bottoms, faux fur coatSoHo New York, Helene Heath from Fashion Over Reason, @heleneisfor, J Brand JEasn Love story, bell bottomsHelene Heath from Fashion Over Reason, SoHo NYC, faux fur coat, Ray-Ban Lennon sunglasses, bloggerBrown faux fur coat, cobblestone streets of New YorkJ.Crew chunky turtleneck, faux fur coat, Ray-Ban Lennon sunglasses, Fashion Over ReasonOn the streets of NYC, SoHo, 70s vibes, bell bottom denimSoHo, New York City, cobblestoneBroadway Avenue in SoHo, Fashion Over Reason, J Brand Jeans Love Story bell bottoms
Photographed by Ian Rusiana

Turtleneck - J.Crew
Jeans - J Brand
Belt - Vintage
Coat - Vintage
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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Unknown said...

Great look! Love your wide leg denim!

Samantha Mariko said...

perfect combination of flared denim and fur coat! you always look great in jeans <3

x D x said...

Love your look, great styling! 70s is huge this season and I also got myself flared jeans and wore them with a chunky shearling jacket and fedora for NYFW. I think I now want to buy like hippie maxi dress for the summer x

Tanuja said...
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Stephanie said...

LOVEEEEE you totally embody Penny's spirit here, and any other blond 70's sartorial icon, for that matter!! I love living the 70's thru you! xox