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Monday, March 2, 2015

Love Story

Fashion Over Reason in Brooklyn wearing J Brand Love Story Bell bottom jeans, vintage fur, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Zara tote

One of the things that I've always had strong feelings about is how undeniable our very strong emotional connection to clothes is. There's something about each garment in our closets that harbors a memory, that is attached in some way to a time, a place, a person, a smell that brings us down a path of souvenirs when we wear them, look at them, run our fingers through the material...

It's no wonder that some people have a very hard time purging their closets. How can one willingly rid themself of all of those good (or even bad) times. Isn't that essentially a symbolic way of turning your back on your past? It's always interesting to see what people hold on to and what the reasons behind that refusal to let go are. As a person who lives and breathes fashion, having strong emotional attachments to clothes does not escape me -- while some of my clothes are of no particular importance to me, others are incredibly charged with memories.

The funny thing is, unless it's a piece that's been passed down to me from my family, it isn't that difficult for me to let go. My husband and I cleared out our closets this weekend and we both got rid of the shirts we wore on our first date. It was amusing because we both found ourselves trying them on at the same time and realized they were the tops we had donned on the encounter that was the beginning of our love story. We had a laugh before quickly coming to a conclusion: those tops had to go.

I'm sure you'll concede that going through your wardrobe is akin to reliving your past, in some respect. Does that mean you have trouble letting go or are you like me and enjoy a good purge?

Bell Bottom jeans, J Brand, vintage fur coat, Splendid turtleneck, Zara toteFashionOver Reason J Brand love story bell bottom jeans, vintage furFashion Over Reason in Brooklyn, J Brand Love Story jeans
Jeans - J Brand
Turtleneck - Splendid
Fur coat - Vintage

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Ana said...

I agree, I have been getting rid of some bits in the last couple of weeks, and it can be very hard for the randomest items, but for others it is super easy, go figure :)


Unknown said...

Very nice outfit! These jeans are perfect for you!


Allie said...

Those flared jeans are gorgeous! I've been wanting to get a pair <3

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