Fashion Over Reason: A Few of my Favorite Things: Hair & Etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things: Hair & Etc.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some of my favorite skin care and beauty products (click here to see the post) and now I'm back with a few of my favorite hair styling products and a few other things I'm keen on. Please feel free to chime in in the comment section below!

Fashion Over Reason favorite things, hair essentials: Pantene Pro-V hairspray, Rusk biofoam hair mousse, Batiste dry shampoo, Rusk Sensories bright shampoo, Ref 25 hair balm, Interview magazine postcards

I get asked about my hair routine a lot. I've been pretty lucky to have been blessed with easy maintenance locks and I don't tend to do much to them before I leave the house. Confession time: I only wash my hair once a week, I do not own a hairbrush, nor do I ever take a blow dryer to my strands - I let everything air dry and while it's still moist, I usually tie it in a bun to ensure I get some volume and texture to my otherwise pin-straight, flat lid. Sometimes I'll add a dollop of the Rusk Biofoam mousse while it's drying to get extra texture (although most of the time I'm just too lazy, true story).

I always wash with a purple shampoo, I think that it's absolutely essential to anyone who has blond hair to avoid brassiness and to keep the color fresh. I always switch up the brand I'm using, and currently I'm into the Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo. I don't use a purple conditioner because I've heard horror stories about hair actually reflecting a shade of violet if you overdo it.

When it comes to styling, I alternate between a few things, but the one thing I swear by and that I could not live without is my Batiste Fresh dry shampoo. I use it even on clean hair. It gives that perfect undone and messy texture that I love so much. Other than that, I like to blend in some texturizing cream on my ends, again to perfect that mess I always seek to have. The creams I like are the Reference of Sweden Texture Cream 215 and the KMS Molding Paste. When I go out, I finish things off with some hairspray, and I swear by the regular ol' Pantene Pro-v's maximum hold.

Fashion Over Reason favorite things, Jeffrey Campbell mules, the Sartorialist book, Coordinates Collection cuff, Verameat ear cuff, JCrew gold choker

Just a few pretty things that I love: the first Sartorialist book because it's fascinating to go through it and see all of the current famous style stars during their early days. My Coordinates Collection bracelet, because it's a stellar piece. My Verameat spiked ear cuff cause it's super badass. My J.Crew choker because my husband gave it to me for Valentine's Day. And finally, these exclusive Jeffrey Campbell x Free People slides, which I've been living in.

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Tanuja said...

Thanks so much for posting the hair info! To me your hair is always perfect.