Fashion Over Reason: The Fresh Pin Set

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Fresh Pin Set

The Fresh Pin Set

If, like me, most of your memories from the 90s were split between crushing hard on uncle Jesse and reciting lines from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, then you're going to really, really like this post.

I recently encountered a friend of a friend who created pins inspired by the iconic Fresh Prince theme song (!!!). Contain yourselves. They're so dope, you're going to want to get your hand on them. This is your lucky day, as he's running a Kickstarter campaign to get his project off the ground.

So head on over there, get yourself a Fresh Pin Set and be the envy of all your 90s compadres.

The Fresh Pin Set The Fresh Pin Set The Fresh Pin Set
Comme des Garçons Play top
Trash & Vaudeville faux leather pants
Reebok Classics sneakers
Raen Garwood Sunglasses

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