Fashion Over Reason: You Say You Want a Revolution

Sunday, April 24, 2016

You Say You Want a Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week Zady organic cotton t-shirt

This past week was Fashion Revolution week, which ended today, Sunday the 24th, to honor the day of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. Not only does the fashion industry have really shady ethical practices when it comes to garment production, especially when talking about all of those fast fashion brands loved by most people I know, but it's also the 2nd largest polluter in the world. Again, thank you fast fashion.

Do you ever ask yourself where your clothes come from and who they were made by? Don't feel bad if your answer is no, as most people simply have never thought about it. The good news is, now that the question is on your radar, you can do something to answer it and bonus: it's really easy! It basically boils down to doing the best that you can. For me, that means reading every label and not participating in the fast fashion cycle. It's learning about the issues to be able to make better educated decisions with my purchasing power.

Take this Zady t-shirt, for example. It was made especially for Earth Day with organic cotton sourced from Texas, which was cut and sewn in North Carolina, and finally, embroidered with the words 'vivre en simplicité' in New York City. The embroidery translates to living in simplicity, words to live by. Not only does the tee carry a special message, but it has this super high-quality feel and the best fit ever.

Happy Fashion Revolution Day!

PS You can also head over to The Style Line to read an interview I did on the topic of the fashion industry's issues.

Fashion Revolution Week Zady organic cotton t-shirtFashion Revolution Week Zady organic cotton t-shirt

Get the amazingly cute Zady tee to show your support for Eart Month and better ethical practices:

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