Fashion Over Reason: Glossier Face Serums

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Glossier Face Serums

Glossier the Supers serums

My status as a Glossier girl has already been documented and I'm super excited to share the following with all of you. Because not only do they have the most photogenic packaging, like, ever, but their products are also quite fantastic.

You can check out my all time favorites here but right now I'd like to chat serums. Even though they're currently out of stock, I'd recommend getting on the wait list. They come in 3 different formulas (because skin is temperamental, duh): Super Bounce, Super Pure and Super Glow.

Super Bounce is for when your skin is feeling tight and rough. A few drops of this guy will have it back in top shape in no time.

Super Glow is for when your skin is feeling dull. A few drops of it will reenergize it in a split sec.

Super Pure is for those pesky breakouts that are just a part of life. A few drops of the potion will incur flawlessness in no time, especially if you concentrate your application on the problem area.

And now for the best news ever even though you can't order the serums at this particular time: Glossier is currently running a Black Friday sale that is on until tomorrow night (Monday, 11/28) - everything is 20% off and the shipping is free. It doesn't get much better than this.

So head over to my profile to shop with me, stock up on all your favs and take this opportunity to try some items you haven't yet. This deal is too good to pass up!

Hit me up with any questions about the Glossier products, always happy to provide assistance.

Glossier the Supers serumsGlossier the Supers serumsGlossier the Supers serumsGlossier the Supers serumsGlossier the Supers serumsGlossier the Supers serums

Shop with me on Glossier and get 20% off + free shipping off your first order.


ALLIE NYC said...

I so need some serums for winter and these sound great. I will keep them in mind for sure.

Allie of

Lux G. said...

My skin needs this right now. Oh, too much work and not much time for skin nourishment.