Fashion Over Reason: My Favorite Things: Glossier Edition

Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Favorite Things: Glossier Edition

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You guys probably all know by now that I am a Glossier girl 😀👋 (click the link in the right hand side column to shop with me!). I talked about here and here, and I keep being excited to rep for a brand that I'm really, really keen on.

I do get a ton of questions about what my favorites are and requests for recommendations (keep 'em coming!), so I figured I would list a a few of my top products here with a quick explanation for why they're on regular rotation. Don't forget that when you shop with me you'll get 20% off and free shipping on your first order ☺️.

I'm obsessed with masking, it's true. I blame it on aging, but it's also part of my holistic approach. These 2 masks fulfill different complexion needs that will leave your skin feeling super happy. The Moon Mask is a shot of hydration that makes your skin bright and soft, while the Mega Galaxy Greens is purifying and vitamin-filled. I use both about twice a week.

Confession: I was actually skeptical of this product before trying it. As a person who has been inflicted with not-so-great, ultra sensitive skin since I hit puberty (ugh), it takes a lot for me to stray from my tried and true cleansers. The slightest deviation can wreak immediate havoc. WELL. Let me tell you. This is my #1 favorite Glossier product of all time. It is simply amazing, I cannot stress it enough. It's soooo gentle, it removes eye makeup, which eliminates the makeup remover step, and it leaves the skin as soft as a baby's bottom and clear clear clear, bright bright bright (like a diamond! ok maybe not). I never break out when I'm using this cleanser, but more miraculous even is that I always get compliments on my skin, which, let me tell you is not something I ever thought I would experience. It feels great.

*NOTE: I must reiterate that this is my #1 favorite product in all of the line. I cannot recommend it enough!

I have tried my fair share of eyebrow gels. Those things flake, or they're not thick enough and don't tame anything. Boy Brow is quite the opposite - it's basically perfect. The tint is not aggressive (I use the blond shade after I pencil them in with the Bobbi Brown brow pencil), and it provides long-lasting texture for your brows to frame your face as they were meant to do. This product is a game changer, especially now that they just came out with a clear version. Glossier answering all of your prayers, left right and center.

*NOTE: this is my #2 favorite product in all of the line. Can't live without it.

I'm obsessed with dewy skin and that's exactly what the Haloscope shades provide. I use all of them, including this holiday season's Moonstone (sadly, no longer available). The Topaz is slightly more like a bronzer, which I use in the crease of my cheeks as an attempt at a dewy contour, and then slather the rest of my face angles in the the lighter shades. I also gloss it over my collar bone, by breast bone, and I can't wait to extend that to my arms once summer comes back.

This universal skin salve is my ultimate salvation. Hehe. For real though, not only is it the most ideal lip goo to keep your pout soft and plump, but as its tag line would suggest, it's pretty universal. I smother it on my elbows, feet, hands and over my knuckles when they crack in the wintertime for an instant remedy. In fact, as a lip color, I like to use Haloscope (in whatever shade I fancy at the time, they all work), topped with balm dot com. My favorite flavors are the coconut and the rose. So good.

Holy heaven scent sent! This cream is everything. It's über rich without being oily and overbearing, it has a soothing and oh so subtle lavender smell, it literally makes you glow upon application, and despite its thickness, it still ultimately preps your skin for makeup. That said, I do like to use it as a night cream. Did I mention it makes you glow?

I have other favorite in the line (see: Super Bounce + Super Pure serums, Perfecting Skin Tint, Stretch Concealer, Generation G in Cake), but what you see above are my ultimate must-haves. What you should get if you're only getting introduced to Glossier. Also note that I'm much more skincare-focused than makeup-oriented. As I mention in my intro video, I have a very holistic approach to beauty and skincare, and firmly believe that how you feel on inside is reflected on the outside. Treat yourself well and it will show on your face!

Now time to try all the products (with 20% off + free shipping on your first order) and let me know which ones are your favorite too. 🤗

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