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Sunday, January 20, 2019

For Days

If you've been a long-time reader or follower, you're likely familiar with my strong feelings about the importance of both environmental and ethical responsibility in the fashion industry. It seems strange coming from someone who enjoys aesthetics and encourages people to shop, but I like to push the needle in a more thoughtful direction—that of conscious consumerism, offering food for thought on making more calculated purchases based on need and evaluating the impact of fast fashion. I try to impart some understanding of sustainable fabrics and always highly encourage going the thrifting/vintage route.

When I caught wind of new t-shirt brand For Days, I knew I needed to help spread the word about it. So here's the gist: you pay $x for x tees, they send them to you and you keep what you like. A few months from now when you're over them, you send back what you're tired of wearing and they recycle the shirts, make new ones out of the fabric, and send you back your new selects.

These simple facts about the company are going to blow your mind (they did mine):

- Their tees are 100% organic cotton and dyes (aka better for the planet, for the farmers, and for your skin).
- They don't produce any unnecessary inventory, meaning there is zero contribution to landfills.
- Their manufacturing facilities use renewable energy and generate significantly less material waste than any regular clothing plant.
- They're in the process of designing a water reclamation program to reduce their environmental footprint.
- Head here to find out more about their packaging and shipping initiatives that are reinventing the über harmful, wasteful status quo.

After all that's said and done, what about the actual t-shirts—are they even cute?! They are DOPE. They offer a ton of variety to choose from, plus it's non-committal: you send things back free of cost when you're ready for a change. I'm particularly into this burgundy number with a retro vibe, seen in these pics. I also have the Heritage 90s crop and this perfect Heritage 70s slim crew. Obsessed with all of them and feel like there's no need to buy t-shirts ever again—this is the brand that keeps on giving.

This kind of manufacturing ideology should be the norm. Let's all get on board.

For Days tee
Aritzia jeans & Kimono
Rag &Bone boots

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